A&W’s New Fashion Line Wants You to Know It’s Cheddar Weather Somewhere

Close your eyes and picture this: You’re reclining in a field in late October, the wind lightly blowing through the trees. It’s crisp but not too cold, the leaves recently changed from verdant green to shades of umber and crimson, and they’re gently falling all around you. This peaceful autumnal scene is making me hungry, you think while adjusting your cashmere beret and oversized varsity jacket. Luckily, you came to this faraway field prepared. Reaching into your A&W Restaurant-branded fanny pack, you find the perfect food for the season: a handful of crispy, oily cheddar cheese curds in satisfyingly snack-sized portions. Ah — you stop to reflect — thank goddess that cheddar weather has finally arrived.

A&W Restaurants — whose Twitter bio is quite literally “Yes, we’re still a thing” — today joined the pantheon of brands that have turned to fashion as a way to grab an increasingly smaller slice of our ever-waning attention. Forget the Goldfish x JNCOs collaboration, and ignore the White Castle x TELFAR streetwear. Varsity jackets, flat-brimmed hats, and neckerchiefs stamped with the phrase “cheddar weather” are the height of the form. What is cheddar weather, you may ask? Literally — no idea. Since when does A&W Restaurants sell cheese curds, you may be wondering? No clue. What level of hell is this?

Don’t think too hard about it.

Just remember: It’s cheddar weather somewhere.

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