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3CHI 'THCV' in the Puffco

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4 thoughts on “3CHI 'THCV' in the Puffco

  1. Shirt is sic bro watching the effects for sure got me needing to try this

  2. Great video man. It was cool seeing the difference in the look of your face when it kicked in too.

    BTW, I really fucked with this background. It's calming in a way.

  3. Thanks for your honest review.. so many broscience smokers that have no idea what they are even talking about talk about this and dont actually know..
    THCv sativa lemony pens will uplift me all the time. Usually 70thc range, and ThcV in about 5 percent, with some good lemon or orange terpenes. You will get lifted and want to work, dance, rhyme, etc. It's got its spot for sure. Cheers man.

  4. 3chi is 🔥 great review ✌️👊

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