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10 BEST Cryptocurrency Stocks For 2022

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21 thoughts on “10 BEST Cryptocurrency Stocks For 2022

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  2. Always bringing it Jerry

  3. It’s been fun to see great returns on NVDA! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing how COIN performs!

  4. I heard sec. is suing COIN soon

  5. Great analogy jerry. Deff looking for an entry point in NVDA.

  6. Do you know the Jade Currency? It looks like the CEO is the same as at Catex Exchange. It has just been listed on several brokers and is announced to be listed on Bitmart on September 13th .

  7. I have the top 3 and about 7 of these.

  8. Love the old style

  9. Hi Jerry, Love ❤️ your channel and knowledge! Sometimes (most days 😊) you pack so much in that I miss some vital info.😊One note I have missed is where do you get that TOS bar on your screen? I thought maybe you said Ameritrade but I think you were talking about Think or Swim so I was not sure. Anyway, any clarification would be greatly appreciated.😊

  10. Great work Jerry, love the side by side format 👍

  11. My biggest crypto stocks are CLSK HUT AND TSLA

  12. Jerry…this was a wonderfully enlightening video capturing an angle on Crypto that I truly had not considered…thanks Mate!

  13. Thanks for your insight, Jerry.. I already have AMD & NVIDIA.. I just need to check COIN 👍

  14. Thanks Jerry. Just started buying crypto yesterday.

  15. Tesla almost hitting the Rule of 40 that's really nice to see !

  16. HUT 8 is missing in the list..Best mining industry

  17. Love best mode Jerry!!!

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