OPSC OAS PRELIMS 2020 RESEARCH BASED ANSWER KEY. Expected cut off for opsc prelims 2020.


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  1. Sir , im UR Male. My prelims score is around 109 . I Think the question was easy and I could have score above 120 if I had not done silly mistakes
    Shall I start preparation or leave preparation and prepare for RBI and Nabard instead, please guide sir

  2. Sir, there is also error in options against question no 30( set-A). In MAJJID HUSSAIN's Indian geography book( page no -2.38 ,8th edition) it is clearly mentioned that western ghats are Block mountains.So how can we answer the question.

  3. In question no.55 since parliament is absent in the options we can't consider LOKSABHA as the appropriate answer because as far as the control over delegated legislation is concerned both Rajyasabha and loksabha have equal power. We can go for SUPREME COURT in this particular controversial question because the ultimate control over legislation exercised by Supreme court by means of JUDICIAL REVIEW.

  4. The options against the question no. 100 are incorrect. HYPSOMETER is used to measure ALTITUDE/HEIGHT. And it uses the boiling point of water to determine the height. So the hypsometer neither measures the boiling point of water nor depth of ocean.
    1. Boiling point of water- Celsius thermometer
    2.Depth of ocean- Fathometer

  5. 1. Albinism is caused due to deficiency of MELANIN. And Melanin is a hormone. So the answer is HORMONE not enzyme.

    Because an enzyme called tyrosinase, helps in production of MELANIN and the deficiency of MELANIN actually causes Albinism. And melanin is a hormone.

    2. Hypsometer is a device to calibrate the temperature of two boilers mounted on, but overall the hypsometer is actually used to measure height, Hence the answer should be The deapth of ocean.

    3. Galwan valley (on Galwan Lake), Daulat-Beg Oldie, Pangong Lake Area all lie in Aksai Chin region. All the above regions were disputed between India and China. And all these regions come under Aksai Chin area. So, answer should be Aksai Chin Area. Had Aksai Chin wouldn't have been in option Pangong Lake dispute would have been partially correct.

    4. Bajada is a landform associated with wind and not necessarily created by it. The question doesn't ask if the landforms were CREATED by the agents, rather we need to check the association with the Geographic agents. So answer should be Kame-Rivers. As Kame is directly associated with Glacial topography.

    5. UCC under article 44, promotes- minority welfare as BR Ambedkar specifically spoke that the objective of UCC is to empower women and minorities who were most vulnerable and this shall ensure National unity.
    So both Welfare of Minorities and National unity can be right.

    6. Parliament has been provided with prime charge to legislate/frame rules. Hence, Delgated Legislation is strictly under the Parliament (Rajya Sabha +Lokasabha). In any case of discrepancy, or any rule being ultra-vires with the Basic structure calls Supreme court in action.

    So answer should be either Loksabha + Rajyasabha

    7. UN extreme poverty revised to 1.90 dollars.

    8. During demographic transition (particularly in-case of India), intensive subsistence farming was prevalent in Stage 1. However there is no particular demarcation between stage 1 and 2 where intensive subsistence farming could be measured. During green revolution in 1960s only cash crops were promoted.

    9. Contribution of primary sector has been both decreasing and increasing over the years. Option C is correct.

    10. Please confirm which human race has woolly hairs?

    11. Regarding NITI AAYOG governing council you are right, both option A and C are right.

    Please check and confirm if the reasoning provided is wrong. 🙏

  6. Sir amku khusi kariba paen cut off kam toh kahi nahanti….it will b bad strategy in the long run of Ur youtub educator channel…as audience lose faith …and they will opt for other channels as a lot are available

  7. Sir In An Article I read then Vice President Mohammed Hameed Ansari had inaugurated the 14th All India Whips Conference. And For NITI AYOG the question asked Council body not the chair person and Council Body so the answer is C.

  8. Sir today i saw your video ,you explained very well but some answers are not correct like the answer will be stage-1 not stage -2 / Delegated legislation can be controlled either parliament or judiciary but there is no parliament in option so answer will be supreme Court / contribution of primary sector to gdp is not decreasing always please check last 3 years gdp in agriculture sector has been increasing ,but answer will be option d / extreme poverty questions $/.25 is not the valid option, it is $1.25

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