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Bullet For My Valentine – Shatter

Shatter taken from the self-titled album by Bullet For My Valentine out October 22 Pre-order: Shatter: …


22 thoughts on “Bullet For My Valentine – Shatter

  1. Este disco va ser una basura

  2. 超越了黑暗的嘶吼,超棒的

  3. who made you guys so mad? :O

  4. Se parece al Rey grupero :v JAJAJAJA

  5. Oh so bullet liked the riff from walk huh ?

  6. the "and call it home" / "and bring me home" parts are badasssssss! I get the chills

  7. Wanderer Vagabond? Wonder where they got that from..

  8. 0:36 for some filthy chugs.

  9. Sounds like deathcore madafukers❤️

  10. This is the BFMV what i love m/

  11. Can't wait to mosh to this fucking song see you in Nottingham 👌

  12. Thank you, guys! I've been listening to you since 2009 in Mother-Russia, you are the best!

  13. 🤘🏼 Yes ❤️‍🔥🖤

  14. Don't feel ready to die anyone, just remember you're all amazing to someone. Love you BFV

  15. Still sounds like a radio overkill song, tears don't fall kinda ruined them for me. Not taking away any credit they at least stuck with a sound and it does slap. But hey everytime I die has a new album so I have something to look forward to

  16. 7/10 overall for me but the riff sound so good..

    Bulls on parade vibes…

  17. I used to be a fan when they made Tears Don't Fall, but then after they released Knives, I became an air conditioner.

    After this song, I'm now a freezer.

  18. i'm ready give me your best shot

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