Why Does Communist China Have One of the Lowest COVID Rates?

Check out the COVID data (updated daily) posted at WorldOMeter. I do not know what your reaction will be, but I was stunned by the numbers. China has one of the lowest infection rates and death rates attributable to COVID. The United States, in stark contrast, has one of the highest in the world. Are we to believe that China has a better vaccine regimen? Does this mean that China has a far superior health care system than the United States? Not likely.

But I think these numbers point to something far more sinister–China deliberately targeted the United States, Western Europe and Latin America with the virus.

So let’s look at the numbers adjusted for population. Remember China and India are the largest nations in terms of population (i.e., China 1,439,323,776 and India 1,396,420,400).

According to WorldOMeter, China has had 95,623 total COVID cases since the outbreak. . That is 66 cases per 1 million population. Deaths per 1 million population is 3. Hell, that does not even qualify as an epidemic.  Granted China is likely lying today like it lied last year when the word of the virus made international headlines.  Since then China’s numbers have been questionable to say the least.

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India, which shares a border with China and has roughly the same number of inhabitants, has 33,447,010 cases. That works out to 23,952 per 1 million population. India’s fatalities from COVID are 319 per 1 million population. One hundred times more people have died in India than in China. The good news for India, Ivermectin is working, along with Hydroxychloroquine. When you consider that squalor, poverty and terrible health care compared to the United States and Europe, this is a remarkable data point.

With the China and India numbers in mind, you will now understand how shocking the numbers are for the United States. The United States as of today (September 18, 2021) counts 42,844,035. That is 128,525 per million. We have almost ten million more than India. And compared to China? We have 448 times the number of cases. The differential in deaths is equally staggering–691,313, which is 2,074 per 1 million in population. In other words, we have seven times the deaths that India has recorded and 70 times the deaths in China.

We are on worse off with infections than Mexico. Think about that. Mexico has 27,211 per million. We have 5 times the number of infected here in the United States. The good news? Mexico and the United States have a comparable death rate per 1 million–2072 in Mexico compared to 2074 in the United States.

There is something seriously wrong with the United States’ so-called “management” of this pandemic. When India and possibly China are doing a far superior job to us, it is time to stop our arrogant blustering about our response. And note–the number vaccinated in India is far below our vaccination rate and the Indians have not engaged in mass lock downs and mandatory mask wearing.

One other critical variable (apart from the possibility that China and India are lying about their numbers), the use of therapeutics in those countries is widespread. The U.S. approach? Cater to the pharmaceutical industry, give them billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars, make them wealthy and wind up with a response to COVID that is worse than China, India and Mexico.

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