5 Best EV Stocks To Own For Life (High Growth)

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  1. Thanks so much Jerry! I really appreciate this type of chart and presentation better than the other one. It just seems like there's so much more information and it's easier to compare companies. Really like the layout!

  2. When it comes to EV stocks, I am long TSLA and just do not see any companies delivering the value Tesla does given the amount of data they have already collected.. This is not to say investments with growth potential are not out there, but just a preference to find and invest in the highest quality positions and hold!

  3. Jerry what are your thoughts about a coming market crash and should we wait to start building an EV position or do you think that the industry is so new these are ground level prices and we should start buying now?

  4. Jerry, what is your view on Li's earnings report? Didn't manage to become profitable but the revenue growth and guidance are impressive. And in general do you dare to invest in Chinese EV companies long term?

  5. Greetings Jerry! One of the things I like most about you is, unlike many other YouTubers, you create content in both red and green times. I noticed many YTers run for the hills when things are red but they "over-produce" content in green times. You are consistent throughout and it really helps your credibility. Thanks again for everything!

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