Episode 903: Cornpop's Supply Chain

Biden talks about the Supply Chain – Asain Harvard lawsuit – Crazy guy hates us Music: mythicalvigilante.bandcamp.com Solo shows: Daywave: …


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  1. I just ordered some moon rocks, gummies, & a vape cart. Website said free gift this whole week. Hoping its a disposable pen. Rotc is prolly making out like bandits with free stuff. Better not let me down!!!

  2. Swami SAYS, it's like Dr. Moisch THINKS that #Amerikans are gonna be brawling with "The Han" way up there in Alaska… Swami SUGGESTS that Dr. Moisch whips out his phrenology toolbag and start examining the upper and lower HEADS of the fighting-aged male population over there in Florida. Swami PREDICTS Dr. Moisch will be surprised to discover the sheer the level of INFILTRATION of the enemy, across the board… #SwamiSays

  3. We shut down the country, We are firing the workers we have, the people afraid of the virus are all still at home collecting a check. I wonder whats happening right now…. hmmmmmmmmm

  4. *Edit to state that I wrote all of this prior to you guys getting to these jokes and this is why I love you!
    It was easier to get spices from India to Brittain in the 1400's. Also, why didn't the oil companies make the Native American population a deal to cut them in on the pipeline proceeds? Once they were on the same side the green folks would've shut up because saying anything would've been racist. It's not like shipping oil from the middle east is less polluting than getting it from your own backyard. It's actually more polluting to ship it across the ocean on big, big boats…

  5. There can never be peace on Youtube until the foreign, oppressive, Susan presence is removed, leaving all the Eggy people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally and economically

  6. Imagine a WHITE father saying: I have 3 kids and I'll be damned if I'm not going to fight to not have them treated as 2nd class citizens in the land where they were born. The Asian dad could say this without repercussions – the white dad is not allowed to voice his preference for his OWN children. In a country he and his ancestors built. We have lost our freaking minds.

  7. I think this administration wants us to hate them. They are hateable…it's not about gifts it's a about food, heat and toilet paper. This old head is a demented a hole.

  8. So basically the privateering is going to be like the Mad Max Fury Road war rigs trucking valuable resources around.

    Imagine that. An entire rig of CBDX gummies.

  9. Biden is going to call out the private sector, the ones that have tried so damn hard to keep their businesses alive and make a buck but at every turn are shit on by fed and state interference over cooties. Now you want to have "X" percentage fo their workforce fired over cooties. Wtf are you going to call them out on? They need to call you out.

  10. The opening to the show mentions Simpsons references and these two might do one Simpsons reference per show. But it does not mention wrestling references. If you do not get obscure wrestling references then you are not going to get 90% of the jokes on this show.

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