The Story of Plastic (Full Documentary)

This Emmy-nominated documentary takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution. Subscribe to Discovery: …


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  1. If we want to fight the plastic problem, every individual needs to take action. From small changes in how you personally consume plastic, to joining the call for designers, manufacturers and retailers to lean into the circular economy – every action is a step in the right direction.
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  2. …wishful thinking ..negative feedback loops have already been created and I hate to say it but this environmental singularity has begun ..undoing these is going to take more then wishful thinking..we need net zero communities now and it is going to take drastic extra ordinary practically unfathomable talking everyone contributing at the top of their agenda and more then just feeling s getting hurt if it's not stopped..the planet is at stake and these predictions I feel are so padded that once it starts occurring, the damage will increase at a blistering rate..
    ..what happens when the methane in the permafrost really starts melting..we are basically doomed..i hate to sound like I'm throwing in the towel ..but it's the little guy vs multinationals and their expensive .summer homes..ultra expensive lifestyles..we basically have to go back to the 1880s and humble ourselves ..start reusing ..stop wasting downsizing everything in every possible way you. can think of..
    ..put it this way either a horrible disease wipes out 99% of the pop ..even if we ceased to exist..?.. or we go back to the stone age and have 8 people share one light..stuff like that..its really feeling like it's started..the floodgates have opened and that tea spoon to full blast water output was an excellent analogy..we may as well get sucked down a black hole .it would be less cruel considering the reality our descendants are facing..

  3. Raised my children to be as green as possible and that paid off in aces they’re actually better at it than I am. Let’s all do our fair share of the work to minimize our footprint. I appreciate the information in the movie a plan of action for change must be implemented

  4. You as a human being living on this planet in 2021 have to change your ways. Look around you – in your living space. What is plastic. More likely, what isn’t plastic/petroleum-based? Start in your kitchen. You can get through life without plastic wrap. There are alternatives like beeswax on cotton cloth wraps. Glass jars. Wash and reuse the plastic bags. Get your own reusable water bottle and travel mug. It takes more time. The difference is more what happens between your ears because you become aware of how ubiquitous it is and how much effort it will take to stop the plastics industry. But take that first step – right now.

    And kudos to Jackson Browne for using his time and talent these many years to bring focus to this existential reality.

  5. Remember in the 80's and 90's when the eco freaks cried wolf about paper cups and cardboard and worst of all… Fast food polystyrene take out boxes?
    Well i do… i also remember how the same freaks said PLASTIC was the future! And those same FREAKS pushed for a global change to plastic as the most environmentally friendly way to move forward..
    Now those same brain-farts are saying plastic is the problem, lets switch everything to PAPER… ARE YOU ALL F'IN INSANE?????

  6. Por un lado os felicito…, PERO me cuesta comprender que si se trata de difundir este inmenso mensaje… SOLO ESTÉ EN INGLÉS. Incomprensible. cuando el español lo hablan más millones de personas en el planeta…

  7. PET plastic is getting recycled. I picked up the packaging discards of two of those microwave prepackaged meals and I assumed that the plastic plates were going to be that difficult mixed plastic junk, because they were black, but it was PET. Black PET. Never seen that before, other than in industrial pallets made from recycled PET. So that it must be that they are recycling post-consumer PET into high consumer turnover products [ other than pallets ] all over the place.

  8. EVERYONE knows the problem. Why does no one develop DURABLE solutions?
    And please show ONE environmental person who exists on this planet who can survive without plastic in one form or another.


  9. lets hold these companies accountable, but lets also refuse single use plastics, spread awareness, and show this video to every person we know. power to the people. "its time to rebel" – Greta Thunberg

  10. What happens if one fights back? I did, fought against toxic plastic entering and killing our oceans. My litigation lasted 20 years and never went to trial. I spent 2 houses and all my families money. The corporation responsible turned the government against me, over a dozen Federal Judges, the US Coast Guard, DEC, fire departments, environmental groups were given big donations not to help me, my doctors were threatened with higher property taxes, my taxes doubled, got death threats, two NYS Governors fought me, Pataki and Cuomo sent their attorney generals and a army of attorneys to fight. They wanted to arrest me for speaking at public meetings, Legislators turned the other way, Jeanne Pirro squashed a grand jury effort to be involved. No law firm would be involved in time so I had to act pro se. No, my friends, I'm sorry to say the terrorist CEO's will end it all.

  11. Thank you for releasing the plastic documentary. Thailand is facing the plastic crisis as other countries because the government is corrupt, refuse domestic/municipal recycling and support industries to import the raw material. In the simple word, import plastic pellets are higher scale than recycled. Then circular economy cannot happen, and it would be more terrible in the future and the next generation. The redesign is just an end-of-pipe solution, we need to driving force of industrial policy such as polluters pay principle, enforcement and take their responsibility.

  12. Teacher's should be teaching and preaching practice on recycling and reusable plastic. Especially when there 3D printing machines that are fed with beads or pellets of plastic in order to create a 3D material. We can shred those thrown away plastics and remelt it then press it into cut pellets which ultimately would benefit all users in need of a plastic resource….

  13. Stop press why don't u make a big industrial cutting machine and cut up the plastic into small pieces then make bricks with them and use the bricks to build industrial work units simple wake up don't burn the plastic

  14. For every problem we have, there is someone benefiting from it. I keep seeing the same people over and over again, when I talk about the economy, nature or social problems. Is always the rich. We gotta wake other people up and realize this is a colective task. They need to take responsability for what they're doing and we need to be wide awake to remember them we know who they are.

  15. These giant multinational petrochemical companies only know one thing: GREED and PROFIT. They don't care if they destroy the planet. They CEO's of these companies care about their own pay packages and giant bonuses, increasing their shareholder profit at the expense of the world.

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