(2021-12-23-Part02) PKA #575 w/ Destiny: Impractical Jokers, Christmas presents, Trial Verdict

Timestamps (from the original upload 0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor …


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  1. On the female cop:
    In court they brought up that she had used a different model taser for years and years, like her whole carrier, and then like days before the shooting she was issued a newer model.

    The older modle was like 90% highlighter yellow, top bottom, and grip. The new one was mostly black, very similar to her glock. The grip, the slide, everything but the barrel part I believe was black.

    I think that makes a difference.

    Also, saying she claimed to forget the important parts is BS. She testified everything up to the shooting, the part she says she forgot was AFTER the shooting when the ambulance came and she was taken to the police station and all that. She did give her testimony on the actual shooting part

    Side note:
    I actually think women shouldn't be allowed to be cops. So this is coming from someone that thinks female police officers are stupid and dangerous. This case kinda validates my position lol

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