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Europes Strongest Man 2021 | Behind the scenes

I have chosen to work closely on a commercial level with several major organisations, all of which contribute to my position as a champion strongman. As such …


50 thoughts on “Europes Strongest Man 2021 | Behind the scenes

  1. Isn’t Tom supposed to be stronger than his brother?

  2. Ur a big boy Eddie, a very big boy.

  3. Is the UK not in locodown anymore? What are the restrictions now?

  4. I'm never ready for Luke's voice. It's always a kind of shock to hear it 😂

  5. Hello! New subscriber here! That was a great video. Wanna watch more videos.
    Congratulations, Luke!

  6. paren esto, dios, dios, dios, dios………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. me duele la cabeza………………………….

  7. Eddie my ma would slap you for smacking lol

  8. Europes strongest man contest which is not competed in europe and half of contestants are not from europe either lmao

  9. Eddie is a big baby in a beastic body. You have to keep watching over him otherwise he will eat the whole world!

  10. Kushin is gonna get some pushin.. that was a good one Beast

  11. sucks not seeing eddie out there 🙁

  12. Eddie. Do you stretch after each workout?

  13. anyone else hate the way he eats but loves the channel

  14. Eat like a grown up man!!!

  15. Delighted for Luke, what a great ambassador for the sport…..! Irish Fan

  16. Hey Eddie, just remember…the BEAST always lives on top of the MOUNTAIN.

  17. "Spotlight ruined the overhead event"
    And people make fun of Brian for wearing sunglasses indoors.

  18. not pickles! you've ruined it! Just a dash of lemon and 2 twists of blackpepper for a cream cheese and smoked salmon sarnie. im starving now and its bed time so thanks.

  19. Over the man for Luke 💪💪💪 just wondering what's the prize money for the top 3 places

  20. China demanding their money is like me threatening one of these guys: HEY! Where’s that money you owe me!?
    Shut up and loan me MORE!!

  21. Just bought your smelling salts Eddie. Good shit. 👍

  22. Eddie referring to the posterior chain as anterior chain then completely disregards Rauno and Hixy on deadlifts 🤦‍♂️

  23. Eddie's mobile phone footage of all of these events is more informative and entertaining than the "professionally produced" programmes.

  24. The Stoltman's are pushing themselves into the strongman stratosphere. Having a fellow competitive strongman and your own brother as a training partner pushing you on in every training session will make a huge difference between the brothers and their competition. In what is normally a solo sport, the brothers are showing how much of a competitive edge they're bringing to the table with both of them firing on all cylinders.

  25. Such a good move for novikov Coming over to spend time with Luke and Tom , bringing him out of he’s shell , he’s a great character like the others

  26. What a great show this was to be at, shame about the issues with the log WR but other than that great night

  27. Can't wait for world's strongest Stoltman next year!🥳

  28. Had to go drink some pickle juice after the first minute

  29. Oleskii Fred Flintstone'd the car carry

  30. Mate what a great video. Congrats to Luke but Tom is gonna be the best for a few years now and I can't wait to watch him be so dominant in the sport, absolutely fantastic boys. I'm proud to be British xx

  31. I love your behind the scenes vew you have sence being a competitor such a short time ago!👍

  32. So happy for Luke but I think it is interesting that he won this when Tom was not there. Does anyone else think his cheerleading for Tom sometimes hurts his performance?

  33. How much time u drop on 🚽?

  34. He's right about the slopping….

  35. Eddie Hall! Stop gobbling up and start real boxing training or you'll make a fool of yourself. You can't weigh more than 120 kg if you want to have any real chance to win anything in a super heavyweight…

  36. Eddy 'The Gentleman' Hall

  37. I’m a fan of Eddie but his current strongman knowledge is so poor, Luke to win the deadlift, everyone knows it’s his weakest event by a mile 🤦🏻‍♂️

  38. Novikov killed the Atlas stone. It was very exciting to see him win the event in the last moment.

  39. I'd love to see more joint videos with you and the Stoltmans. Highland games or natural stones tour maybe, where the brothers compete with each other and you as a commentator tell them how sh*tty they both are doing 😉

  40. When are you going to stop being scared and start taking your training seriously for the match against Thor ??? Just a has been with a big mouth that can’t back up words ha ha ha. I’ve lost all respect for man everything is joke after breaking his deadlift record, which also has already been broken again.

  41. Our lifespan isn’t even equivalent to a grain of sand on a beach in comparison to the universe; we may take life seriously and think certain goals and issues are important but overall they are nothing and when we are gone we will disappear forever and be forgotten. Stay humble😊

  42. Eddie you broke your bicep at the power test place.. your bicep is not conditioned to take those hitts

  43. eddies gonna be a menace when hes back in strongman

  44. Thought you retired why you still on gear.

  45. I’d sap u if you sat beside me and chewed ure food like that, c’mon man have you no manyers?

  46. Literally if there's anyone i wanted to win that it was Luke, yes great year for the bros.

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