Delta Extrax God's Gift HHC pod vs CBD vs Delta 8 vs THC

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  1. I smoke alot of THC concentrates almost religiously every day and recently i was in a situation where I temporarily couldnt get my hands on the real thing which is where so i went to the local vape shop and the owner recommended one of these i got the packwoods brand and i gotta say for someone who gets as high as they possibly can for a living HHC got the job done and i was satisfied even bought some more now im using it to replace nicotine working good so far

  2. I've tried all the different kinds of the hemp cannabis variations, and when I got to HHC I knew it was the best cannabis variation outta them all…💯✔️ HHC is the best…🙌🏼 And what he said is true about the 8==D…🤙🏼 But all weed does that for me…👌🏼

  3. Zero paranoia is the key! Been taking HHC for about 3 months now. Take 10mg gummy in the morning before work. Keeps me energized & focused. Great review as always!

  4. I just want a vape that makes me paranoid and stoned as a mfer. Delta9 was good for a day. Delta 8 is a waste. Cbd isn't for me. I just need pure thc injected into my third eye

  5. Good you found some good vibes of the miracle world of Cannabis! If you are wondering the proper etiquette for describing the feelings associated with your Hemp the common phases are "Uplifted or a Head change" when consuming a Sativa strain. "Elevated or Body Balanced" when consuming a Hybrid strain & finally "Chilled Out, Mellow or even Medicated" when consuming a Indica hemp strain. Ise correct terminology may help to keep these wonderful cannabinoids from being unfairly banned. Cheers, God Speed & Good Weed.

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