Sony unveils an all-black version of the Pulse 3D Headset

Sony has a second color option for its Pulse 3D headset: Midnight Black. It complements the Sony released for PlayStation 5 in June — the products share the same color scheme. 

The headset’s original white and black colorway matches the PS5’s design. Here’s hoping Sony is working on first-party black plates for the console to mirror the look of the newer peripherals.

The latest version of the headphones will be available on October 22nd. Pre-orders for the $100 headset are open on PlayStation Direct.

The company created the headset to take advantage of the PS5’s spatial audio tech, which aims to place sounds in places that match what you’re seeing on screen. There are dual microphones built in, which will come in useful for speaking with your teammates or if you’re streaming your gameplay (though a dedicated mic is probably a better option). 

The headphones are primarily designed for PS5 and will work with PS4, PCs and Macs via the wireless USB transmitter. There’s no Bluetooth, but you can connect the headset to other devices through a 3.5mm headphone port or by using an adaptor. 

Sony is today that not only unlocks the console’s expansion slot, but adds equalizer settings for Pulse 3D. There are three presets: Standard, Bass Boost and Shooter. The latter puts more emphasis on shots being fired and footsteps. You can craft your own presets and save up to three for easy access. You’ll be able to change the equalizer settings through the Control Center, so you don’t need to access the console’s main menu system to switch things up.

Meanwhile, the latest PS5 system software adds support for 3D audio through built-in TV speakers. So, if you prefer to play without headphones and don’t have a surround sound audio system, you may still get some of the effects of spatial audio.

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