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I Got A Scary Message… Prepare Now

I have been getting several concerning messages from distributors that major price hikes are coming, and this is not being talked about in the media. CANADIAN …


35 thoughts on “I Got A Scary Message… Prepare Now

  1. This is my real account see the checkmark, I will never ask you for information in the comments, avoid and report scammers. Check out this video on which cities are the best to ride out SHTF

  2. Make America great again in 2024….we need to be strong until then and let water find its own level

  3. Still think raising minimum wage and shutdowns are a good idea? Maybe the liberals and socialists and democrats will wake up and stop hurting the world

  4. Pemmican, water, salt n lime

  5. Immigration of mainly fighting age men into the Americas, Britain, Europe, Asia:
    Br. Nathanael & others: genocide of the West coming! Way things are panning out, I'd say Western & N.Hemisphere ppls need to be "prepped", including guns, water and storable food, fighting fitness, good alliances & acting now!
    History: gun & free speech bans lead to authoritarian rule & genocides!
    Pls share.

  6. Thing is I'm on exercise so it's the cost

  7. Do you have stuff like a store really that I can start buying prepping stuff for cuz I'm trying to buy a wood burner I'm trying to let my kids and my mom know that this is really happening

  8. Urgent.. we where told that a year ago.

  9. This is good for the environment. Also they need to pay drivers a living wage and we need women’s rest stops since men can’t behave for us to be safe driving truck.

  10. You're paraphrasing the Bible's predictions my friend. In the US we can't get people to work with Biden giving them all the stimulus checks. Every company is hiring, we're starting people out at $15.50 per hour w/ a $500 bonus after the first month. Everybody was off for Labor Day which was a paid holiday if you came to work the next day, several of em didn't come. For a free full days pay they wouldn't come to get it. You can't fire em because you can't replace em. Damn Biden for stealing the election and ruining America, may he burn in Hell.

  11. Massachusetts stores in last 3 weeks example 4.50 coffee now over 9.00 peanuts 1 to 3.00 now minimum of 9 dollars.

  12. Yea, but once you open that can, You have to use it fairly quickly.

  13. customers will only pay a certain percentage above normal pricing before they say F you.

  14. 2:38 LOL! Have you been living under a mushroom? 😝🤣
    For a so-called expert on the supply chain, you’re pretty clueless 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. Is this another video about him jacking prices?

  16. PRAISE THE LORD YESHUA HE WILL BE HERE SOON The Lords Day is coming Joel 2 prepare yourselves by calling upon Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and repent of them He will be here soon this is the LAST TRUMPET!!!!!☝

  17. your whole channel revolves around fear mongering people to hoard and cause artificial shortages lol

  18. We are having trucker strikes over the jab and their wages

  19. I don't think anything gonna happen I'm just gonna not watch this video and move on and not do nothing you just make these videos for views

  20. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”

  21. What a low life! Fear mongering for personal greed.

  22. Steel prices have increased greatly.

  23. i always told everyone stock market is made-up nonsense. they control it all. and it's all based on opinion.
    it's nothing.

  24. Steroid manufacturers have ran out of raw materials?

  25. create and buy locally….stop buying import stuff

  26. stop buying crap from china! problem solved!

  27. Although I agree with you 💯%, you should probably try harder with the props, and not use a blank sheet of paper to make your point! Just say’n.

  28. I think that’s the least of our worries. Has it ever occurred to you that now more than ever the largest companies ran by the richest people are wanting to colonize Mars? Why do you think this is? Maybe because they know it’s imperative to get off of the Earth before we have a E.L.E. aka Extinction level event. Anyone ever heard of Apophis? It’ll most likely happen on a Friday, April 13th, 2029. If it hits in the Pacific like they think it will, it will wipe out the west coast of the US and Hawaii and most of the islands in the pacific. They estimate the tsunami to be 50-100ft high.

  29. prepping for low supply from fatties buying up all the ingredients and throwing away leftovers….

  30. A bug in China….you mean covid….I'm in Canada and the shelves are still full in the grocery stores….and 99.9% of the people shopping for food aren't looking to by food that's going to last 50 years….so that's mostly irrelevant….put in a garden an eat less of the expensive cuts of meat….

  31. Thank you for the real situation. Not just some lunatic spreading fear. I’m stocking up now

  32. Dude that’s because everyone is panicking for no freaking reason !!?

  33. Where do you live that stores look like this? You’ll be dead before you’ll ever have to touch that crap food. Must be depressing saving food all the time for when you think the world is going to end. Just have fun while you’re alive you virgins

  34. Im a truck driver ( i own my truck) and its not us, its the brokers that are scamming everyone.

  35. Every day I wake up childfree I’m so relieved

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