4:20 Hump Day Break…big news from Arkansas Times MMJ Wellness Expo, CBD benefits and more…

Hey cannafam! It’s been so long since I caught up but I wanted to poke my head out there and bring you up to date with all the big things happening both in my …


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  1. It’s so exciting to hear that more thc/cbd balanced products may potentially be on the horizon…I noticed that there is a very sparse selection of such products currently, not every one is hung up on just the psycho active components of the cannabis…I was a little dismayed at how little was available in that portion of what I was looking for, so it’s great to hear that there may be more offerings in that area in the future…I’m also really glad you mentioned the dry herb vaporizer and how much is sufficient to use with them…I just bought a Mighty and that is exactly what I was wanting to know…BOOM, question answered! YEAH! Thank you Dr D! 🙂

    I’m at the point where I want to begin to incorporate some things you mentioned, like exercise, mind/body balance and especially the mitigation of psycho social stress in regards to cardiovascular disease! that’s such a biggy for me…finding the motivation for some of these felt daunting in the past…

    are you aware of educational resources that are available and may help shed some light on how to approach things like ideal dosing, what to look for in regards to balanced strains, incorporating CBD into the wellness regimen, as well as more enlightenment/information on what to actually look for in CBD products? there are so many kinds and forms it makes my head spin

    this was such a thoroughly enjoyable discussion, looking forward to more! you rock, Dr Dan.!! you bet I’m going to share your channel!!! ps: haven’t made it back to the Hammer yet, but hoping soon since the border situation is improving! Oskee wee wee! 😉

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