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full spectrum 5 mg thc and 60 mg cbd gummies

this is my review of the full spectrum gummies. these gummies come from a company called “Five Leaf Wellness”. CBD is legal in all 50 states thanks to the farm …


17 thoughts on “full spectrum 5 mg thc and 60 mg cbd gummies

  1. I love the green taste 🥰

  2. Arrow playing in the background

  3. 😍😍❤️❤️💙💙

  4. Will they make you fail a drug test if the doctor knows that you use CBD

  5. I’m getting my Taz’s dream and Taz’s vibe today!! Can’t wait to try them!

  6. THC? Or is this delta8-THC? Still want to know how they are and how they make you feel/effects. If these are 5mg of actual THC per gummy how are they able to sell these online?

    Edit: Looking at the site apparently it's below the BS threshold. Shows how dumb the current laws are…

  7. Love edible and full spectrum cbd

  8. Gotta do a review on plain Jane taz, they’re really well priced

  9. Tazzz Wassuh you creeping up on 25k we need a dumb lit live 🍾

  10. nice review, I gotta try these.

  11. Nice vid my dude 👍

    Question: What is the best Delta 8 Flower that you have tried in your opinion:)

  12. Good review 👏👏✌️👊 u r a legend!!

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