Encrochat gang was under surveillance for months. #operationvenetic

https://scarcity-studios.com/2021/09/03/encrochat-gang-caught-on-surveillance-collecting-kilos-of-cocaine/ Three men who operated a ‘drugs empire’ selling …


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  1. i dont get it. could the police find people’s locations whilst in possesion of an encro and is that how they get tracked down? or is it from talking rlly freely and discussing locations and more personal info ?… i dont understand how it works and was just wondering😂

  2. The best way to catch morons is to create a "secure" means of communicating that only people up to no good will use so you do not need to monitor EVERYONE just the morons using someone like encro chat.

  3. As long as the police and the criminal courts accept drug addicts using drugs as an excuse for their criminal behaviour, people like this will always go to prison.
    What did they do wrong apart from supplying people with what they want to buy???
    Drugs are not a crime.

  4. It surprises me that they trusted mobile communications. If they'd done a little research, there really is no escaping from being monitored. They'd probably be far safer if they'd used CB radios haha!

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