Watch Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 right here at 4PM ET

As promised, Sony is ready to offer a peek at the PS5’s future. The company is livestreaming PlayStation Showcase 2021 at 4PM Eastern, and you can watch the whole event below. It won’t be a short presentation — Sony said the Showcase will clock in at about 40 minutes, with an after-show providing updates from featured studios.

The stream will officially focus on upcoming PS5 games (including for the holidays) from both PlayStation Studios as well as third-party developers. However, we also wouldn’t be surprised if Sony devotes some time to system updates for the console. The company has teased a number of significant OS improvements as part of the beta program, including the option to add SSD storage. This is Sony’s big chance to set its agenda for the next year, and it might not limit that agenda to the console’s game lineup.

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