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his Week: MOT’s, Donda, Edgy Jokes. Become a member of the “Dead On Mafia” by becoming a patron over at – SSE …


9 thoughts on “THE GENERAL BANTER PODCAST: 2/9/2021

  1. Find Colin very boring on his own he is only funny when he has someone to set him up for a joke

  2. I’ll be honest, I was on your pateron for a while but found it to be a waste of money. Everything was ultimately uploaded here for free. What exactly were we paying for? The odd bad quality podcast from your bedroom?
    I’ve a feeling you’ll huff and turn comments off now. Truth hurts. I used to love this podcast but I barely listen now.

  3. Colin should definitely give twitch a go for a livestream. If Limmy can adapt to be a fruit, so can the goat.

  4. Saw the sound effect whinge last week lol, cheers for the podcast.

  5. Podcast getting better again. It’s definitely not as funny as it was but I think it’s slowly getting back on track. More guests are needed I think.

  6. Have been listening to Donda this past few days at gym. Have not got past track 10 or around that mark. Jail, Hurricane stand out so far. Think the album is a grower. Few barf tracks, or overly long tracks. The hype train has made it better.

  7. Whats the conspiracy podcast called?

  8. 1:07 hahaha funny enough I literally downloaded this soon as it came up incase it got taken down

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