‘Top Chef’ Contestant Can’t Smell or Taste Thanks to COVID-19

Working for any chef is a challenge, but can you imagine doing it without any sense of taste or smell? Jackson Kalb, is a …


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  1. Tell that to me. I lost my sense of smell even before the pandemic happened. The reason being was that of the combination of both my neighbor )who keeps smoking inside, despite the rules of apartment living conditions) and the allergy medications taken when I was a kid. When the pandemic hit, I had to make it clear that I couldn't smell because not smelling was a symptom to covid. Even now I can't smell, but I can still taste food.

  2. I have lost my sense of smell or taste as well since last year, I’m so glad I had my therapist help me cope with this loss, it’s been hard adjusting for sure

  3. It’s been a year and a half for me. Had a fire the other day in the house and couldn’t smell it until I saw smoke and flames.. it was almost too late. Ended up having to repair two rooms but I could’ve lost my house or my life… thank goodness I wasn’t sleeping. It’s miserable and also a safety hazard don’t wish it on anyone.

  4. This sounds like an excuse and publicity stunt. Only the original strain of COVID caused loss of taste and smell. And that one has not been in the environment since 2020

  5. I lost my taste and 100% of my smell after a super bad cold years and years(pre-Covid) ago after collage.
    Went into a Bath and Body store (still sniffling) and could not smell anything!!!
    Drove the sales lady bonkers😅. My friend was seriously concerned that the stuff that almost knocked her out I could not smell at all!
    Could not smell a full litter box inches from my nose.
    Was nose dead for MONTHS.
    I came back…kind off. My smell turns on and off it seems sometimes.
    Apparently pre-Covid, about 1500 Americans would permanently loose their sense of smell due to a bad cold every year.
    I got lucky mine kinda returned.

  6. In case no one knows what losing your taste and smell feels like, do cocaine for like 2 days straight and try eating something. Nothing is enjoyable.

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