Bubba Kush indoor CBD flower review – Green Unicorn Farms

this is my review of the CBD strain called Bubba Kush. This is an indoor strain that I got from a company called green unicorn Farms. I do not sell these products I …


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  1. Sup Taz I recently ordered some Orange Peel from that same company and I must say it "Alright" now Bubba Kush that's my favorite strain I usually get that from a company here in Ohio called Chagrin Valley Farms I think you should try their Bubba Kush and compare the two but I'm gonna try Green Unicorn 🦄 Farms Bubba Kush I usually only go for the good one's that you review much luv my G 💯 and as always Keep It Positive or Keep It Pushing!! Cha Dig!! 💯

  2. Please try hometownhero cbd select spectrum gummies. 10mg D9 thc and 10 MG cbd per gummy!!!! Under 0.3% total d9 thc but they work so well I have an afterglow the next day from 2 gummies. I get orasmic goosebumps all over my body. This is no joke. The euanterage effect makes them twice as potent

  3. Beautiful flowers im willing to wager pgrs (plant growth regulator) were used tho there is alot of debate on the subject in regards to health risks but i always enjoy your reviews and respect your opinions

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