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Med Bed Leaked Audio Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward Telegram #medbeds #simonparkes #charlieward

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18 thoughts on “Med Bed Leaked Audio Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward Telegram #medbeds #simonparkes #charlieward

  1. Do a video on that Phil Godlewski guy.

  2. There I was, happily listening to you both and nodding away doing housework and then you give me an unexpected shout out. Thank you both! I'm so glad you enjoy my silliness. Lieman is my favourite too 😉

    You two make a fab team! I cannot wait for the Kevin Moore colab too, TAP! Brilliant show!

  3. Brilliant show…Really annoys me creepy Lieman and Potato 🥔 Fraud

  4. Very good I got tricked at the start with Charlie ward but thank God saw through the crap he's dishing out great talk there thanks

  5. 5 million replicators for mankind…. L. Ron Hubbard‘s talking from the after life? Hahaha WOW

  6. i am not saying that they exists or not maybe you try proving they do not exist. there are quite a few people that say they do.and why go after just charlie and simom when there are other people that say they do in detail

  7. You two work well together. Keep exposing this utter nonsense.

  8. Check out Simons documentary about having a baby with a cat alien. Check out Charlie’s sons interview. Both are preying on so many.

  9. So said, Med bed is under Langley in Tx. In reality every human has the capability to heal itself by raising their vibrations.

  10. Common law cabal given
    Natural law God given

  11. Great vid , you work well together, Parkes is absolutely shameless, thanks so much for highlighting his disgraceful behavior

  12. guys you need to make them answer. we need to hit these idiots harder. they are too big. you all need to work together. individually it wont work.

  13. I think Charlie Ward is getting he’s information from copying someone. I will say he’s been right about a couple of things, announcing Prince Philip dying a year ago which was correct. The fact that trump will be coming back also, that’s not a conspiracy. He is fraud I believe massively , I also believe he’s an alcoholic.

  14. Excellent. I really enjoyed this. You two make a great team. Unlike some other creators, neither of you has a huge ego. It’s not about self-promotion; it’s just about exposing the grifters and the misinformation. Glad to hear you’ll be doing more together. 👍👍

  15. Thank You Gentleman! Their Next Project is the "Q" Phones, I can't believe how far They are Pushing this CRAP! There is a Small Channel called PATRIOT5, and of course CristenW is pushing the QPhone to. She most probably Recruited Him to Her Multi Level Marketer Group!

  16. Good show, It's nice to see Darren. Looking forward to more shows.

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