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#1 Dabbing Essential of 2021 – (DabRite Review)

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* You can use the code “StrainCentral” at the DabRite website for 15% off your order I’ve been playing around …


34 thoughts on “#1 Dabbing Essential of 2021 – (DabRite Review)

  1. I got to have one of these

  2. I use 555 too! Good to see you ahain josh i watched u a lot during college shahs

  3. So 555° will not make reclaim ?

  4. 100% truth. I got one several months ago and I totally agree. The dab-rite changed my life lol 🙌🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. I love these I kind of want to get a new set up for my birthday. My rig is just ok because river been moving I live to talk about glass all ways around great video josh

  6. I remember your titanium e -nail days lol

  7. Can watch Vice videos featuring dead bodies without a warning but god forbid someone talk about a plant.

  8. Thanks for the content josh!

  9. Im sorry but how is this not a expensive thermometer?

  10. Man I'll never forget watching some Strain Central back when I was still in H.S. I always had to smoke on the side of the house, that had a small forest as it's nabor…. haha good times. Now I'm blowing smoke in my own house in my room. Cheers

  11. Love the passion. Thank you for another informative video. It's always very much appreciated <3

  12. Regular uploads make me so happy

  13. Do you have a link for this?!!

  14. We need a vapcap video its quite big in europe

  15. Glad you’re back Josh.
    Would love to see some oldschool fuckery if you’re mentally in a good place!

  16. Josh question to you do you have any recommendations on quality glass dab rigs

  17. a LOT better than the crap dope as yola showed. Looks WAY WAY better and actually an improvement. He tried to call me out but you can get 40$ temp guns that do the same crap his version did on amazon.

  18. Definitely makes me want a dabrite

  19. I just bought a standard infrared temp gun just to see if that could even possibly help me on its own but i like the execution

  20. Been having one since the start of their launch! By far the BEST product investment any dabber should have in their smoking arsenal. The battery life is amazing too! Lasts about 3 whole months for me til it goes empty, and it has saved me a whole bunch of $$ on buying unnecessary bangers!

  21. Dabrite fam, it's about time you got one! We in the future baby, dabbing like you're SUPPOSED to. No chaz gang, fuck combustion gang 🙏🏻💪

  22. Is there a reason why my terp balls are not spinning

  23. Since all the Covid I barely even smoke now right after buying studenglass g pen connect and hella other ventures just to barely use , fml

  24. top shelf, two paws up

  25. Hey Josh, can you do a video on silicon carbide inserts? I use one daily and I think they're pretty cool, but I've seen people online say it could cause cancer – but honestly I think that's the powder, not the solid. Similar to how silica dust is bad for your lungs, but glass is mostly silica and we use that in solid form.

  26. Keep killing it homie

  27. My man got the latest H3 podcast episode in the background

  28. Why wouldn’t you just use a enail

  29. Ur a bit old here lmao but good Hving u back lol

  30. Nostalgia. Keep making content man let us know how to support you. Hope to see you on pka again

  31. Used to have these where I worked, was always curious. Thanks

  32. Haha hellyea this is a great surprise tonight.wad about to start up stream myself.muchblive to you Josh brother n all cheers!

  33. ❤️ love you bro

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