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Why Did We All Get Sick? The Nutritional Transition & How Seed Oils Drove It – Tucker Goodrich AHS21


22 thoughts on “Why Did We All Get Sick? The Nutritional Transition & How Seed Oils Drove It – Tucker Goodrich AHS21

  1. Fructose also has a strong correlation with diabetes.

  2. 32:46
    It is clearly time for a remake of Shogun.
    Apple, or HBO?

  3. 19:17
    When you (the speaker here) address Amber, you are speaking only to the people in the room who will know who you're talking about. If you wish to communicate with the viewers on Youtube you'll need to give yourself a way to remember that they are listening too, and explain things like who Amber is and what the subject of her talk was so that it can be found.

  4. 15:06
    Animal fat illegal in Ptolemaic Egypt – my first guess would be: for the same reason that hunting deer was illegal in Sherwood Forest.

  5. Not seeing any evidence for a "less meat" era.

  6. Eating bugs is huge in our evolution .. You heard it here first
    Nobody else is saying this

  7. Egypt must have had evil vegans. Only explanation.

  8. WhatΒ΄s about Black Seed oil?

  9. I’m CARNIVORE since 4years now and I will never ever going to plants again.

  10. Oh and do u were there 6 million years ago were you , your delusional dude

  11. If oxydized cardiolipin was found in every cancer he has ever looked at, couldn't it be used to generate cancer in vitro and prove a causal relationship?

  12. Glad everyones jumping on the anti pufa bandwagon ray peat started =)

  13. Talking about historical practices and diets more than 3000 or so years ago is mostly speculative and does not impress as anything serious. Going back past 5000 years is purely imaginative and not based in science.

  14. Please
    What Bread To Eat is The Healthiest.

  15. Our Majority of Meats are fed grains .
    How to protect that from our Diets in all truth Discernments. We are told but no way to known for sure how the meat is Raised.

  16. Please
    What foods and drinks do you have
    Everyday that you recommend.
    Please Post .

  17. Please
    All The Facts First And All The New Facts Too For Truth Discernments And Good Common Sense.
    Glyphosate Roundup Fluorides Pesticides Preservatives Metal Aluminum Lead Mercury GMO Radiation Minnesota Etc Etc.

  18. Please
    Are you a Believer in Our Holy Lord Yeshua Christ Jesus Father And Holy Spirit.
    Or Are You A Believer in Evolution .
    Psalms 119:86
    Psalms 23
    Romans 10:13
    God Bless You

  19. He might be a literal mont perlin Neoliberal perverting yet another sector or discipline for his God head market based on barter with no historical evidence at all

  20. Much like anything out of the Chicago London New York school that has to do with economics
    Anything has to do with these idiots and social impact funds needs to be immediately disregarded labeled biased discredited pseudoscience manipulation literal trash

  21. Remember these were the same people running around saying amargi from Samaria and the entire history of Eastern culture and philosophy must have been some kind of tax credit cuz it couldn't have possibly been debt forgiveness
    Bye shylock πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

  22. Kind of funny this comes out right after they pass Federal housing bills full of impact bonds and they announced b***** about not being able to sleep as an early onset diabetes Factor
    These clowns are making markets and they need to be held accountable for their destructive activities

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