Thursday Night Reality Check-Open Stream

Its GOOD To Talk About It! #manosphere #conflict #lifelessons #hardlife #goodlife #dating #divorce #breakup #live #streamyard #fear #afraid #letgo Join the live …


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  1. I appreciate ALL who participated in this panel discussion and in the live chat. Much respect.. yeah it got a little wild. It’s not whether you won or lost, and dare I say it, it’s how you played the game.. The character of the man will always show itself at the end✌🏽

  2. Rewatched and just realized Locario said a transformer has potential to have 10/10 looks when he tried to distinguish sexual and physical attraction. That's impossible to me since a 10 is a stunner without makeup with a top tier body. 10s are rare. A transformer has no chance of being a 10. Also, the biological sex is a physical part of their body so in his scenario the person no longer is physically attractive to me when I find out about them formerly being a man. In his scenario I lose physical attraction which is sexual attraction.

  3. The im losing a debate Dating roach starter pack

    1. Get emotional and call people women or weak
    2. Get flustered and deflect simple questions with name calling
    3. Call 4 of your boys to help you out when your losing the debate
    4. Get mad and drop the line “ you would never say that to my face”
    5. Yell show your face and cam up
    6. Call someone out to a fight. Lol

  4. Hey Tony great stream, this is beyond Jerry Springer. The pimps definitely embarrassed themselves but the Avitars are complete pussies. If the two groups were together in a room these avitar bitches wouldn't say shit. Love the stream but you gotta limit these Avitar pussies!

  5. If rosebud really believe it’s all about game tell him to go back to being a pimp and see if he can do the same thang he did back in the day could he do it today…he knows he can’t do the same thang he did back in the day because he don’t look the same…

  6. steve the dean out of order at 1:50:00 the way he spoke to caducues when he gave a balanced insight…. then he's saying that cadeceus is soft. bad language is filler words. blah blah blah i dont care what you think blah blah blah…then why come onto a stream and discuss these topics then???

  7. They act tough on YouTube, but they were scared and went into hiding when the Dictionary was in his prime destroying Alan Roger Currie and mode 1. Where is the bat signal when you need it.

  8. Very proud how you guys handle it like men! Black Pill remains the undefeated champion! We are not a cult of personality so it doesn't matter if you insult the messenger! The truth won!

  9. Also, I've noticed that when black men and white men are in the same room together and things get heated, it almost always turns into a racial thing, which is just pathetic. Nevertheless, God bless you Tony for putting out such interesting content and also I commend you on your conduct. You truly have the patience of Job.

  10. Streams like this prove that the popular manosphere talking point about women being the emotional ones is BS. Yes, women are slightly more emotional than men but that doesn't mean men aren't emotional. A lot of b1tchiness and petty name-calling goes on between men in this space. Human beings as a whole are not rational. Facts.

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