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Morning FULL Body STRETCH: reduce puffiness, morning acheness, swollen legs (UBCBD: CBD oil)

Here is a quick FULL BODY stretch routine you can use every morning to reduce puffiness, swelling, edema (bloated legs, armpits etc) by helping the blood flow …


22 thoughts on “Morning FULL Body STRETCH: reduce puffiness, morning acheness, swollen legs (UBCBD: CBD oil)

  1. Please excuse my socks!

    I hope you enjoyed this morning stretch video. Do this every single day to kickstart off your morning with your body feeling lighter and feeling less morning acheness, puffiness, swollen face/body 💗

    I love you guys and thank you for joining me in today’s routine. ❤️‍🔥

  2. I swear all of your stretches and workouts work the best for me and there not even painful

  3. Hey gloria do you have any suggestions on how to get a thigh gap? btw i love your channel so much 💖

  4. I did this streches and I feel so good thanks for this amazing video


  6. Can this stretch also help you get taller?
    Also your works are really affective

  7. babe take care of yourself and yah I love you 🥺🤍✨

  8. your stretching routines are so affective tysm for this! 💜

  9. Amazing! I just did it and I feel much better! Thankkk youuu for this stretching! Love from Poland ♥️

  10. this is amazing thank you so much glor

  11. omg i've been loving stretching so much your legs stretch is my favorite and go to lower body stretch ever, the aesthetic and editing on this is gorgeous!!! can't wait to try this💗💗

  12. Can you do workout for slimming/reducing butt fat?
    Also I love your workouts ❤️❤️

  13. Hi, Gloria, great video as always! I have a question: can I use this video as a cooldown after my workout sessions? 💖💖

  14. Hi girl !!! You're my body goal can you tell me how tall are you and your weight please? 😘

  15. Waitin for your others pretty videos Gloria💗

  16. this is exactly what i needed omg thanks gloria !!

  17. omg I was waiting for this from so long

  18. Intro is so relaxing 👄✨

  19. Intro is so relaxing 👄✨

  20. this is so relaxing oml

  21. guess I'm here before everyone else and I gotta say this is so AESTHETICALLY PLEASING and I'm so in love OMG!!😍

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