Episode Fifty Four – Lisa Quarrell

Lisa Quarrell is an ex-police officer turned cannabis oil advocate. Her son, Cole, has a form of epilepsy which required both brain surgery and a whole plethora …


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  1. it truly beggars belief that doctors would advocate irreversible life altering brain surgery over even just a trial period with a naturally grown and now perfectly legal medicine. its horrendous. are they being pressured behind the scenes to not prescribe it? it just seems plain immoral that lisa and cole and other folk suffering are being treated like this. Hope someone in the chain of command sees sense soon and changes things for the better for all of you.

  2. I also have chiari malformation ,syringomyelia and get it prescribed private also . Mine is adven i get both cbd and thc and in flower form . Mine is 130 pounds for the oil part threw the access scheme. My vagus nerve is damaged and vagus nerve is linked to epilepsy. Great prod cast guys . I now have got off oxcodone after 13 years .

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