420 News Special – with Alicia Maher

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/martincondon1 Todays 420 news feature a discussion with Alicia Maher on the recent health committee meeting …


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  1. Fair Play to you Martin and Alicia you have created the perfect hour of explanation of the reality of the shambles that is this so called MCAP. I was equally so triggered by this shambles of a committee… while interesting to see exactly the faces behind the tiny group of people that are putting up and reinforcing the barriers to any resolution of this absurd I am truly fed up, depressed and drained by the seemingly hopelessness of the cause. I am taking a break so as not to consume precious energy. Tomorrow I start a Post Grad in Healthcare in Trinity and I am very eager to learn more of what is institutionally happening in our backward little land… See y'all in a bit. Keep up the good work Martin this was a truly powerful piece!! 💪💪

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