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Meet the Grower Ep. 028 – Grownymous NPK – Sponsored by Mars Hydro

Meet the Grower is a show focused on growers who also create content or work in industry. A chance to learn about the type of grower they are, as well as the …


17 thoughts on “Meet the Grower Ep. 028 – Grownymous NPK – Sponsored by Mars Hydro

  1. TOO MUCH LOVE! πŸ™ŒπŸ’š

  2. Thanks Matt. great interview

  3. Nice show as always; nice selection of questions and interview. Thanks for the knowledge. Have a great day and take care. Enjoy the grow. πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome show! Love the vision for what the cannabis industry will transform into! Terpenes are the future🀟🏻

  5. Awesome conversation. Gotta love when you first nail a FIM. I had some slugs do some perfect 5 top fims for me this spring LoL 🐌🐌

  6. One our favorite growers πŸ’šπŸ’š very knowledgeable youtuber!!

  7. my IPM arsenal ( Integrated Pest
    – dr. Zymes eliminator
    – Humboldt Secret flower shield
    – mite massacre
    – hydrogen peroxide
    – diatomaceous earth
    – nematodes, swerskis, other
    – sticky cards
    – vacuum, bleach, lol

  8. I seen a lot on sunbeam and honeywell fans in canadian growers rigs, so I went with them.

  9. Thanks for having me dude!!!! Great time!!!

  10. I had fungus gnats bad. I used nemotodes and they actually worked

  11. Sad that this has been posted for 3 hours with 118 views, while canucks grow video posted (yet another regurgitated video) 39 minutes ago and has 6.5k. Sad sheeple

  12. Thanks Matt for having all these amazing guest. Thanks for sharing

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