Red Pillers Lie On IG Model Because Of WMDIT Palsy. Smoke Time! $janedowdell Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for …


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  1. I'm dealing with a former High School classmate who started harassing me, catfishing me and stalking. I took him to court but wasn't able to get enough proof because he knows how to cover his tracks via computer . He was stalking me as well as another woman that he went to school with and going after other women all while he was married to his second wife! The guy is trash. Our stipulation order just expired this year! This is the reason why I don't start an online YouTube page but now that I see so many people with avatars I might just do it. Thank you ladies for all that you do. I'm new to the page

  2. The thing for me is let their sector go mainstream which will so that way NON-BW can get the same guy as a BW did. Its that fact that there is a shift going on with cyn g's channel they hate it

  3. I just watched a video where this guy was reacting to Cardi cursing people out for blaming Mercedes for her death. They said this man was her pimp. I was so disgusted. Even if he was her pimp she deserves to die??? I was soo angry. I was arguing with people in the comments and then reported the stupid video.

  4. According to the Daily Mail website even Cardi B had to speak up and defend Mercedes Morr after people made horrible comments blaming Morr for her own murder

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