How To Eat Healthily At A Vegan Festival

Join Gem and I as we attend the world’s biggest even vegan festival Vegan Camp Out 2021! Check out how we still manage to eat pretty darned healthily …


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  1. Did you know Nyjah Houston the best skateboarder in the world was born and raised vegan by his vegan parents? Just shows you can be the best in the world at one of the hardest sports without animal products growing up.

  2. Was such a great Camp Out this year, loved seeing my actual idol Russell B 💚
    Hench do you have any thoughts on Dr Greger's recent vids on Sibo? As I'm just wondering if I've been slightly led up the garden path spending a LOT of money on breath tests and supplements that haven't helped me in the slightest. Plus coming very close to taking a round of antibiotics (which the doctors refused me). Would love to know your take on all this!

  3. Cute video, glad you guys had a good time! I had a blast, it's such a great vibe at VCO and like you say it's amazing to be around so many people who feel the same way about the animals 😀 This year we even brought along non-vegan friends and they had a great time too – hopefully this prompts them to consider veganism a bit more in future…! 😀

  4. Looks like you had such a blast ❤ so jealous that you can have a festival like this, here in Germany that wouldn't be possible with all the restrictions we have. And I love the food you showed, looks like a true vegan paradise 😍🤤

  5. Absolutely brilliant video guys, glad you had a good one.💪🐰💚 Had a wonderful time at the Vegan Camp Out and was delighted to run into you legends Sunday before heading back to Ireland!(Patrick from Dublin)☘⛺🌱.

  6. Great video guys! Vegan Campout was such an amazing weekend and like you said very emotional knowing you was amongst 12,000 like minded people 😊 Was great to have a chat with you on all 3 days and to receive a super cool Hench hug not once but twice 💪🏼😁 Thank you for being so real and down to earth and taking your time to chat to your followers and fans. You're a really great guy and Gem looked as beautiful as always (loved the gems Gem 💎😁). Keep up the great work! Until next time guys – take care!! 💪🏼💚

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