High yield MCQ's in Surgery & Important topics for NEET 2021 – Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

Those who missed out on the zoom session help on 24/8/2021, can listen to the recording of the session, in which I (Dr. Rohan Khandelwal) covered important …


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  1. Thank you sir for this video. I have one doubt regarding the gallstone question that came in inicet. Sir, if the billirubin would have been raised, what would have been the next best step of management? Will it still be mrcp or ercp?

  2. Sir i have a doubt in your video on breast you mentioned that in females with positive family history we have to perform mammogram as screening followed by mri but in your second video you mentioned a case in which you directly proceeded with mri what to mark sir?

  3. Hi sir, can you tell me the prognosis of metastatic breast cancer bone Mets..previously treated mrm done lady ..now presents will multiple bone mets ..and ER positive..she is one of my relative ..can you help sir

  4. Sir i had a questn in 2nd questn the option mention prophylaxis by mechanopharmacological means but in this condition the dvt has already developed then what's the role of prophylaxis?? And once it has developed should we include the mechanical part like compression as there is a risk of it being dislodged and leading to embolism?

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