Stocks To Buy This Week For MASSIVE Long Term Profits

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  1. My thoughts on Chinese stocks are in-line with Kevin O’leary… they are not worth the risk. The communist party has shown (to me) that they are very dishonest and way too controlling. I closed out my Nio and Li positions, and will be closing BABA and XPEV when I get back into the green.

  2. What are your thoughts on DAC? Know you’ve recommended them in the past and in the just the last 2 days alone, they are up nearly 11% hitting ATH. Are they in breakout or is this too fast to quickly?

  3. Zim is a winner – almost net debt free, and producing tons of cash. I'm probably going to be holding them for their dividend next year (giving back 30-50% of 2021 earnings) – should be over 30% annualized.

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