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Stocks To Buy This Week For MASSIVE Long Term Profits

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20 thoughts on “Stocks To Buy This Week For MASSIVE Long Term Profits

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  2. Awesome. TASK and LSPD are going up and to the right. Any thoughts on their long-term chances? Cheers!

  3. What is vertical spread Jerry?

  4. Jerry, what are your thoughts on the possible coming Tapering by the FED?

  5. My thoughts on Chinese stocks are in-line with Kevin O’leary… they are not worth the risk. The communist party has shown (to me) that they are very dishonest and way too controlling. I closed out my Nio and Li positions, and will be closing BABA and XPEV when I get back into the green.

  6. Could you do an analysis on Aqst stock? Has all buy ratings and huge projections. It’s trending up. I Would love to hear from you!!

  7. What are your thoughts on DAC? Know you’ve recommended them in the past and in the just the last 2 days alone, they are up nearly 11% hitting ATH. Are they in breakout or is this too fast to quickly?

  8. would you buy INTU at its current level? It looks like its finding at lot of support at its current price.

  9. Did i miss what stocks recommended today?

  10. Zim is a winner – almost net debt free, and producing tons of cash. I'm probably going to be holding them for their dividend next year (giving back 30-50% of 2021 earnings) – should be over 30% annualized.

  11. Nice, thanks Jerry🚀🚀🌴💰

  12. Jerry are you playing option? I didn’t know that

  13. My stocks are CRSR, CLSK, and ASO!!

  14. Loving your work Jerry, very much appreciate these insights 👍

  15. This is definitely the best Channel 💥

  16. it's pronounced Fokk it..not phuket

  17. Been waiting for a dip on zim to get in. Their growth is nuts

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