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Cleveland Browns Daily Livestream – 8/31

Cleveland Browns Daily is hosted by Browns senior media broadcaster Nathan Zegura and Emmy award-winner Beau Bishop. It offers comprehensive coverage …


8 thoughts on “Cleveland Browns Daily Livestream – 8/31

  1. 13:15 "ThEy PlAcEd HiM aT tHe ToP oF tHaT sOcIaL jUsTiCe CoMmItTeE tHaT kEvIn StEfAnSkI fOrMeD a YeAr AgO."

    Marxist bs disguised as being something virtuous.

  2. Dear Cleveland Browns, great way to finish off the preseason, I know you guys are ready for the regular season to start and begin that quest for their first super bowl! Just one small suggestion/request: PLEASE STOP wearing those absolutely TERRIBLE AND UGLY brown pants! (Unless we are wear our color rush Uniforms) And stick to our traditional, amazing looking and history filled traditional uniforms. (Unless we are wearing the new 75th anniversary throwbacks cuz this are fire! 🔥) I think I have an awesome uniform schedule that you guys should consider and use which goes as follows: For Sunday home games starting at 1pm-Traditional brown Jersey/white pants
    Sunday Away games with a 1pm eastern time
    start: traditional white jersey/white pants combo
    Sunday or Monday Home game that is Nationally televised/Prime time: Brown jersey/orange pants combo
    Sunday/Monday 4:25pm or Nationally televised games-white jersey/orange pants combo
    Thursday game-color rush Unis if possible (it's on the road this year) if it's not possible then wear the all white 75th anniversary all white Unis. I think the fans will LOVE this uniform schedule! I believe I'm speaking for 95% or more browns fans when I say PLEASE TAKE THE BROWN PANTS OUT OF OUR UNIFORM OPTIONS AND RETIRE THEM FOREVER!!!!

  3. Browns have good mix of proven vet's and hungry youngsters
    "Go Browns"

  4. This roster is so much stronger than it was a year ago!

  5. we can always pick up Cam!!! He's a free bird now.

  6. Let some.proven vets go for drafted rookies

  7. Trust me it will be a showdown week one but we all know who will win
    The correct answer was the chiefs

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