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Fall Fashion Over 50 – VENUS Try On Haul!

Fall Fashion Over 50 – VENUS Try On Haul! This video is in partnership with VENUS. Shop through any of the links below to get 20% SITEWIDE. Discount will …


40 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Over 50 – VENUS Try On Haul!

  1. You looked wonderful in all the Venus outfits! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You look beautiful! I used to love Venus but their clothes always falls apart easily. I have found their swimwear to be made better then the clothing but still. I stopped ordering this past year because it's fast fasion.

  3. Kimberly I do hope you are doing OK with the fires so close. Keep safe.

  4. Hi Kimberly, I just watched the Jennifer Joyce's video regarding her channel being deleted last year. I loved that she gave you a "shout out" as being a supportive woman to other creators/women. I just subscribed to your channel and wanted to let you know that you are not only beautiful on the outside but your heart really shines! Thank you! 💕

  5. Are you ok. The fires in Tahoe are devastating. Thinking of you.

  6. Straight leg jeans and point toe boots are a must for for this season. Skinny jeans and round toe boots may not be a good to suggest.

  7. Anyone know if Kimberly is safe from the wildfires?

  8. I’m not sure how close you are to the Lake Tahoe fires but know you have mentioned kayaking there before. Sending you prayers if you are very close. 🙏🏻❤️

  9. Are you okay, hope you are safe.

  10. Great haul- thank you for introducing me to Venus. Now to decide which top I want 🥰

  11. Stunning! Loved all of these looks on you!

  12. You picked great pieces! Everything looks great on you.

  13. I love it I am buying a couple of pieces thank you

  14. Hi Kimberly. This is the best Venus haul that I've seen. Everyting that you chose is age appropriate for the woman over 50. The clothes are not too revealing, they are classic with a modern twist. My favorite is the black, sleeveless top and the black jeggings. Have a great day!

  15. Hi Kimberly I never had luck with Venus there quality really isn’t that great. Hope you have sponsored better luck.

  16. I have a very vintage style, but I still like most of these! Thank you for the lookbooks for women our age who still want to wear something INTERESTING and don't want to look like a boring Karen.

  17. Kimberley knows how to model and put on a great fashion show. 🙂 well done!

  18. I love when you model clothes from different websites! I have ordered quite a few items off your page using your discounts. Seeing you in the clothing pieces gives me a better idea how they will look on a 62 year old like myself!!!

  19. Greetings Kimberly! All of these pieces look great on you. Love and blessings ❤🙏

  20. I really liked the blouse jeans and boots on you ,very trendy x

  21. THANK YOU! Ordered the paisley blouse, and two pairs of the skinnies… wish that the jeggings came in a tall size… these are way too short for my 35 inch to 36 inch inseam … this was a great video Kimberly! Thanks!

  22. While all of the clothes were pretty, I think the black and white striped sweater looked best on you.

  23. Such nice outfits and you dress very age appropriate. Something nice to see.

  24. Ummm those "metallic discs" are called sequins!!😉

  25. I love the way you show/model these clothing items. It helps so much to see how the material moves and view all angles of the outfits. Loved the music too! It would be helpful if you could advise us a little more about the fit, should we size up or down or does it fit true to size. Oh, and you look great in ALL these pieces.

  26. Beautiful fashion haul! I can't figure out which outfit I liked the most They ALL looked amazing on you! You have a beautiful figure. ❤

  27. Is there a code for the 20% off?

  28. Do they all come in petite sizes?

  29. You’ve chosen well, you look great in all of them♥️.

  30. I love Venus! I’ve gotten some really unique pieces from them that always get compliments. Probably my most successful online shopping store for fit and quality. I rarely send things back. I’ve never bought jeans from them though. I’d be interested to know if the butt bags out from prolonged sitting.
    Thanks for another informative video!

  31. You look really great in solid colors or a max of 3 different colors. I never knew this was a "thing" , but I guess the boho blouse proved it to me. I thought it washed you out. Everything else was much prettier on you. Maybe it's my aging eyes…just give it another look.

  32. Wow, Kimberly – you look amazing! Stunning – I really love the the black sweater with horizontal stripes – it looks so good on you. All of the outfits and shoes look fantastic – you are definitely styled for Fall 🙂

  33. Thank you miss Kim,i am in europe .Very nice clothing,i am 53 love it.

  34. Beautiful outfits Kimberly! I'm in love with the black and white jacket and the brown boots are super cute. I like having black and white pieces in my wardrobe, such versatile colors. 👍

  35. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty clothes. Do you mind telling me what size you got in the paisley blouse? That will help me in picking my size. Thanks for all you do for us

  36. In the opening segment I have that exact crystal lamp but I have 2 of them. Beautiful clothing. I always thought of Venus as being sexy clothes only and never purchased anything but I guess they have changed over the years. You look great in everything.

  37. Hi Kimberley! Beautiful choices! I would love to wear some of the pieces you chose! 🙂 xx, Marisa

  38. Jeans too tight, striped at the waist makes you look wider!

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