There’s no way to upgrade ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ from PS4 to PS5

Horizon Forbidden West, probably the biggest PlayStation exclusive announced since the PS5 launch, is set to arrive in February. With the release date coming soon, developer Guerilla Games is opening pre-orders and detailing the many different editions of the game that will be available on February 18th, 2022. 

Perhaps the most important thing most buyers will need to know is that the standard “launch” editions of Horizon Forbidden West, whether you’re buying a physical or digital copy, will only work on a single console. (You can clearly see this stated in an FAQ Sony published today.) Even though the game is being released for both PS4 and PS5, you’ll have to choose which console you want and stick with that; there’s no ability to upgrade later. This actually contradicts what Sony said when the PS5 was officially priced and given a release date last year: Sony’s own blog post clearly states that some PS5 games, including Horizon Forbidden West, would also be released on the PS4 with free upgrades to the PS5 version later.

As with most AAA games these days, the PS4 versions costs $60 and the PS5 $70. There are also special edition steelbook version for both consoles that also include a mini art book and digital copy of the soundtrack for $10 more.

If you’re really not sure which console to buy for, there’s a digital deluxe edition that might be the way to go. For $80 (the same as the PS5 steelbook version), you’ll get the game on both PS4 and PS5. It also comes with a number of digital goodies including the art book, soundtrack, a digital comic and some in-game outfits and items. One unlock we haven’t heard of before is for the game’s photo mode; you’ll unlock special face paint and a unique pose for Aloy.

As with other popular AAA titles, there are a couple of lavish and expensive editions for hardcore fans (like the author of this post). The highlight of the $200 Collector’s Edition is a seemingly massive statue of the game’s Tremortusk enemy alongside a much smaller statue of Aloy. It also includes the same physical art book and steelbook display case that comes with the special editions, plus all the digital gear included with the deluxe edition. 

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla edition


The $260 “Regalla” edition (so named for an enemy faction in the new game) steps things up with an even more detailed statue that includes special armor and enemy warriors riding the Tremortusk. It also includes two artwork cards, a replica of Aloy’s Focus, a canvas map and two replicas of “Strike” pieces from the game. Strike is apparently a type of board game that the characters in Horizon Forbidden West play; we’ll have to learn more about them later.

Both of these massive editions come with the game for both PS4 and PS5 — but, they do not include the game on disc. Instead, you’ll receive a download card. It makes some degree of sense, given that Sony now sells a PS5 with no disc drive, but it’s definitely a bummer for people who don’t want to have to wait for what will surely be a massive game download. 

Confused yet? Let’s make it simple: If you want both PS4 and PS5 versions, you’ll need to spend $80 on the digital deluxe edition, which is not a bad idea considering you get the two game versions plus a bunch of digital goodies for only 10 bucks more than the standard PS5 edition. The other option is buying the pricey Collector’s or Regalla editions. But if you’re set on buying a disc, you’ll have to stick with whatever console you pick when you buy it, as there are no plans to offer an upgrade path to the PS5.

You can see and pre-order all the various editions here.

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