Are #AfricanGrey #Parrots Good Pets? #Parrot_Bliss

AfricanGrey #Parrots #GoodPet Is it possible that an African Grey parrot can make a good pet? Of course! Why wouldn’t it be? Sure thing! Well, mine aren’t.


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  1. Good Set up.
    Do give them something stimulating to keep them away from being a plucker. Stimulation can be a piece of paper or a twig or some old toys to chew. They talk when you keep repeating the same word daily. Try talking to them before giving food. Have a look at my channel also.

  2. It’s so sad that people bring these beautiful birds to their home and than surrender them to a rescue. What are your thoughts on why birds pluck and how to help them? Are you for using medications?

  3. I love African Grey parrots but I wouldn’t own one. They need soooo much attention and mental stimulation. Even if you do everything right they can still pluck and barber. I don’t think they’re cuddle bugs. I also have spoken to a lot of owners that have said they can be sneaky biters. Many years ago I rescued a much older Timneh. Andy was a plucker. I don’t know if he was male or female. Andy, did talk when he wanted to. He was very reserved but he liked to be out with us. I agree they need a lot more than most people are willing to give. I think you hit on many excellent points. 👏👏👏👏👏❤️

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