What Is Delta-8 THC? (Feat. MOONWLKR) – Cannabasics #38

(For entertainment and information purposes only) Learn What Delta-8 THC is Today with MOONWLKR Products on Cannabasics #38 Learn more/ purchase: …


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  1. I have a subdivided extremely private property with alot of water and power available including a 2100 straight drive way. Looking for a company to help me get a growing operation. I own it.

  2. The description to Delta-8 is very misleading at the start of your video. I assume ' a rare cannabinoid' is referring to the fact this it is a minor. Ill give you that, but you make it sound like it comes straight from the hemp variety only, and as a natural extraction. It isn't. It is found in many varieties of cannabis, not just the hemp cultivar. 99% of the distillate on the market has been made from isomerizing cannabidiol isolate. Harmful by-products are created during the distillation process, as well. Not all distillates are the same. I have tested over 30 kilos over the past year, and ALL of them were 3%-7%D9, along with other markers on the lab reports that signify D10 and other minors that labs are not suited to quantitatively test and be accurate. There are fantastic labs that will use chromatography to get the contaminants out. Good luck choosing the product that has the more purified option. There is a reason why the isomerization of this molecule has been banned in over 11 states. Use at your own risk. I suggest eating it, if you just HAVE to use it. The harmful by-products that may be in your distillate will become carcinogenic when smoked. I've been in the commercial cannabis industry for 13 years, and sold D8 for the last 3. I'm ashamed at pushing it out, but like many other farmers in the CBD industry, we were stacked with extra cannabidiol and nowhere to sell it. Then 'D8' was a way to convert the cbd isolate into something profitable. More testing needs to be done with using this product as a stand alone. I love your videos, and usually just give a thumbs up, but I had to say something. People are getting pushed something ONLY because it helped businesses get out of a stockpile of isolate that was costing them money to store. Cannabis culture runs deep in natural healing, but when a product has to go through that many post processing procedures to make, it makes you question if it is indeed 'natural' at all.

  3. I've stopped smoking normal delta9 weed and moved to ∆8/ ∆10/ and THCv… That mix with some CDT's will give me the best feel without the over stimulation that some cannabis strains tend to deliver. ∆8 also binds with both of the Cannabinoid receptors in your brain, thus relieving the paranoia and anxiety.

  4. I was born in India 🇮🇳 & for the past 22 year's settled in North Germany.. We've Bhaang Shop's in India.. Where they sell marijuana drinks.. I used to purchase the fresh paste of cannabis & consume 4 palm sized ball's.. Swallowing it with little water. Then after 30 minutes 🤔? Bloody eye's 👀 And for 4 day's one need not require anymore.
    Cannabis isn't fashionable tinkering in Indian culture.. It's way of life for many for over 1,000 year's .. Long before Bible Was marketed by Constantine in Europe from the middle east 😂 Though it's generally consumed during a festival namely Holi.
    Irony is that in Germany Alcohol is cheaper than mineral water 💦.. But cannabis is illegal.. Bloody hell! Though many smoke it & it's expensive..

  5. I just can't support this stuff I prefer the real thing to delta 8. Maybe the edibles would be better I've never had those but I definitely smoked some of it and it just made me sick

  6. Delta 8 is garbage. There is no history of long term effects of using it in place of thc. It exists only in very small amounts in typical cannabis plants if at all. D8 is like k2. Its a cannibinoid that is made in a lab and is thought to be similar to thc.

  7. I’m going to try this. I’ve got some health problems, Delta 8 & 9 helps me so much. I’m into holistic living , Best life ever. Thanks again🙌🏻

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