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Vaping / Advocacy / News | Wake Up with Wayne

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5 thoughts on “Vaping / Advocacy / News | Wake Up with Wayne

  1. Wayne, how do i get nic now

  2. Anybody got a 30mm Valhalla rda to trade for a vaporessa mod?

  3. Vaccines should NEVER be forced on people, its their body their choice.

  4. @9:51 The FDA has become the instrument of government and has become politicized – The reason why Pfizer was approved is because it will now allow the Biden administration to enforce further lockdowns and draconian laws like those seen in Australia and force the vaccine on those who don’t consent.- I honestly I hope im wrong though–

  5. Hey Wayne! What's your into music? Same here with vaping and electronics. Been doin it since 2013 with mostly same hardware. No issues seen yet.

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