RSO Remedi WOW!..$21 Vapes… $41 INSA extract…my addiction.

PA Bud medical marijuana review my name’s dog today we’re going over Rick Simpson oil remedy that I got for $51 also looking at Black widow vape by organic …


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  1. I’m 7 days off methadone today bro! I tapered to 30mg and used the Bernese method to switch to suboxone. Methadone NDA me didn’t mix. Made me super tired all day, I was a dick to everyone around me, plus I felt like shit every morning and night from it. Now I’m on 6mg of subs 3mg morning 3mg mid afternoon. Have some dental surgeries end of September and gonna taper off that over the fall/winter.

    At 5mg man you’ve basically already made it off. Especially if you’ve been sitting at 5 for awhile that means all that stored up juice is steady out of ya. Great work!! I tapered off methadone the first time. I jumped from 2mg and the WD wasn’t bad at all for myself. I came down super slow and that helped a lot in my opinion.

    5mg doesn’t seem like a lot but going from something to nothing can be a big change. So if 5mg is working for you and your not tired of the clinic just do it when you feel ready. But I think you’ll be just fine since you did it right and went slow and sat at 5mg.

    Thanks for the videos man. I always enjoy seeing yours pop up on my feed for something to smoke along too!!

  2. Sorry for all the comments just forgot bro mention I grabbed ghost strain haze by cresco at 25% n it’s an amazing sativa weighed 4.0 as well just think you’d really enjoy this one

  3. And is it weird that edibles dont get me high well it’s weird I’m high but just in body out of pain anxiety is lost and can socialize easy. I work at fedex n today I work 4:15am-9am hoping this tincture makes work easier very physical job n don’t help we are under staffed as hell

  4. I took purple haze distillate and rso for the first time 2 years ago in same nite lol i woke up and thought my dream of me robbing a bank was real i lagit woke up and thought i was going to jail it tripd me out

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