Alcohol and Drug Use in the Trucking Industry

Does the growing drug use problem need to be dealt within or outside the industry of trucking? In this video, Liam discusses drug …


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  1. Pisses me off honestly, deal with 6 lanes of assholes in a bigger hurry than any of us are. First thing I want to do after a long day is smoke a joint. This is why I don't use my CDL, quality of life isn't worth it having to be sober all the time. Maybe we want to get a little baked and make music on the weekends. Let pot heads drive truck, just make sure they aren't fried while doing so. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone at 80k pounds.

  2. I was percribed pain pills after a surgery then seen pain management not knowing it would be a life long thing I didn't want to take them yet not taking them made u not want to live I heard of something called Suboxone had opened up a clinic In my town and have heard good things about it so I got on it took 1pill a day made me feel normal was great except I had to work and was only home every other day and was never early they worked with me tho until 8months later they said this is last day we will see u not enough people for us to stay open I also don't have health insurance and it was about 200 a week its cheaper to buy them off streets so I found a friend who sells me 30 a month not legal but better than the alternative I never abused drugs Just took what I was given and now even know I have had been legal I'm not have been doing this for 4years surgery was 10years ago but I can see where people in trucking with addiction have no options cuz doctors just want money and you can't always make it home why is Suboxone not available at pharmacy for anyone to purchase instead of doctors use it to get rich and we are left to decide to provide for our family or get help

  3. I kinda get it but then again not really these truckers who failed their test did so knowing full well the repurcussions and I dont think making it harsher is going to make a difference. I am certain that a person who can drink responsibly can do the same smoking a joint. Driving while fucked up is a dick move regardless of its legality.

  4. Very well stated. Thank you. I agree with Tobias John's comment below: "Just don't do drugs, meditate more and change your diet, and a slew of other things… lol. If you don't need it, don't use it. If you plan to drive a vehicle, then just stop using it. If it's medically necessary, think of it as what you'd rather have more, the drug or the cdl"

  5. I got out of trucking because of these squint rules that basically hurt the trucking industry , obviously hard drugs shouldn't be accepted in industry but marijuana is definitely great at the end of a stressful day and there's alot of stressful days trucking..but I gotta laugh though I can smoke all day drive heavy equipment 18 hours get up and do it again and nobody can say nothing about it ..problem with trucking industry is it government controlled and ruled so when you got pencil neck's making the rule's at the end of the day they don't care at the end of the day because they know there going home …industry is outta touch with battlefield and isn't on frontlines

  6. Some jobs have a 0-low tolerance for drugs and alcohol. I would not want a heart surgeon to operate on me while potentially being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The laws are there for a reason. If you want to lug plus/minus 80k around, stay off drugs and alcohol. You choose the profession knowing fully well the rules of the game. I was “randomly” selected for the 5 panel test in 2021 as an O/O. I had no issue with that whatsoever-but for costs per test. $100-$140/test Canadian.

  7. Truck drivers are stressed out there choosing to continue smoking weed then to do all of these tests just so they can hop back in the truck that made them stressed out to begin with and then deal with the DOT Crazy ass four wheeler drivers and every other bullshit obstacle that comes with Trucking now I don't do drugs but if I ever get a failed drug test that would mean that I did not care about Trucking anymore and did not care whether or not I can return to it and that is the problem a lot of truck drivers are coming up with they don't care to come back

  8. Hell the truckers should be the main ones should be able to smoke weed especially after driving 11 hrs straight fuck these laws if everyone else can smoke so should the truckers. I don't recommend being high driving but after your day over sure.

  9. They should ban alcohol. No trucker should ever drink alcohol, whether in the truck or for recreation on their off time. If there was a 30 day test for alcohol then it should be mandated by the fmcsa, to see if they're a lifestyle user. Grow up already, and they also shouldn't be having sex outside of marriage either.

  10. I think drug testing should be very strict only because I want to see truck drivers making more money per hour. If it pays a fair wage for the risk and not being able to enjoy drugs then it will only attract the best of society. And we all know that addiction is not the best of the best for anybody. If you want to use drug at all then don’t be a trucker

  11. The same argument for drinking and driving is now the position of the potheads. I will do everything in my power to see all substance users put out of business. You want to argue shortages, rights, or that you believe you're all sober enough. Come talk to me about all the fatal's I've had to attend, seeing the devastated families torn apart from impaired drivers. There is a major safety problem in this industry. One that goes beyond the impairment issue. As pro drivers, the only way we can fix this is to report what we see instead of waiting till we loose another bus full of kids, or your family in the mini van driving to see mom or dad at the truck stop during a reset.

  12. They need to drug test dot officers ,police, firemen, teachers, and government officials also … and find a system to allow the professional driver to partake in the LEGAL consumption of cannabis like every other AMERICAN

  13. It's still too early to make a final decision about what the future holds for the legal usage of Marijuana and the trucking industry, but this was a very concise and refreshingly in depth report on this subject. Thank you for taking the time to put this info together and help start the conversation on a professional level in this post pandemic trucker shortage. Sadly, without an accurate way to test for roadside impairment I think the government and industry as a whole will continue to lean on the zero tolerance policy mainly as a way to avoid being at fault in insurance liability claims. Basically, if a driver was in a wreck and had THC in their system, whoever is responsible for paying the fine for a potentially impaired at the time driver after the big court case is the one who won't say yes to this whole idea until they are completely resolved of any financial liability. Might be worth diving into that side of the debate in future videos as well!

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