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  1. THE CARNAL MIND IS THE FALSE PROPHET in everyone, EVERYONE: God is no respecter of persons and everyone has to overcome the false prophet, the carnal mind that is the SEED OF THE SERPENT (the ENEMY of God that he himself created): God put that ENMITY between his seed and the seed of the serpent, the carnal mind, that builds the EGO OF mankind and sits in the temple (HEART) making himself God: The carnal mind BUILT EGO, are the five senses WITHOUT the anointing: The five ANOINTED SENSES (VIRGINS) go up with the HOLY OIL, the ANOINTED ONE, but the five senses below have to "SELL all they have and BUY OF THE HOLY ONE": They are the CHURCH OF LAODECIA: The five senses is what most religions trust and have faith in, instead of the HOLY ONE who is able to RISE IN AN INSTANT, the TWINKLING OF AN EYE because the HOLY ONE is in the ROOT of David, from the house of Judah (not just one person but all Judah, all the house of David): ONCE the whole house of Israel is resurrected, RAPTURED (REV 7) the OIL the MESSIAH GOES TO ALL NATIONS that are grafted INTO THE COMMONWEALTH OF ISRAEL. Here is why we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem: IF Israel does not rise first, the nations grafted into them, waiting for Jesus (THE CIRUCMCISED HEART OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL that is a JEW) will not get the anointing.

    THIS iS WHY THE GOD OF THE JEWS punishes Israel because they are CHOSEN TO BRING THAT OIL through all 12 branches of the TREE OF LIFE and they are the GATES into the NEW JERUSALEM, our mother above: THIS JEW who thinks he knows HOW TO MAKE THE OIL RISE IN THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, is doing what they have not DONE BY FAITH, by trust and by LOVE FOR God, meaning they have not TURNED THEIR HEART TOWARDS HIM so he can CIRCUMCISE IT for them.
    Jesus (the heart that is circumcised, hence we are baptized INTO THAT NAME, come in that NAME) these MEMBERS OF THE BODY OF THE HOLY ONE, the ANOINTED ONE says, if you come in another way, you are a thief and robber: Will the OIL do the thief and robber any good? In some ways they use the OIL FOR EVIL and not for good: THIS IS A GREAT OFFENSE.

    IF they use it for GOOD, meaning their DESIRE IS FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, it would change the way they act and what they bring to the world: SEEING that they use it for evil, for more EGOISM, more selfishness, more mockery of God, they will bring quick destruction upon themselves as well: THE OIL TURNS ON YOU With the WRONG MOTIVATION: This is why it is written, do NOT TRAMPLE CHRIST UNDER YOUR FEET:

    America is the last place of EXILE for Israel (the soul) who went from East (BABYLON) to west (Am=people of Erek/ancient Babylon that means "long drawn out place": God removed Israel sins from east to west and if their sins were not removed, there is no more exile: America goes into judgement and so does Israel and you can see the troubles and it isn't because Trump isn't keeping America safe: It is because God said ENOUGH: You had everything given to you and what did you do with it? FIRST ALWAYS THE PLENTY and then the draught because God gives and takes away when you don't know what to do with what he gives; This is HOW HE TEACHES US about VALUE, love, knowledge and FAITH:

    The only way to turn judgement away from America is for the SOUL (the true Israel) to turn to the LIGHT (repent) and let the LIGHT HEAL everything within us so we can KNOW how to proceed forward in the right way into the future; We will be so blessed but God is not mocked; He works THROUGH NATURE FIRST (he creates) and then by that nature, he "REFORMS" the soul within the nature to bring it to a HIGHER NATURE called "MAN" in the Bible, the image and likeness of God who is going to FINISH MAN even if the beast in us fights him with all its heart:

  2. How dose paying back those stimulus checks feel at the food and gas rentals feel that good old. Obiden said it was gonna hurt can't say you didn't vote him in that little candy he gave you now with interest plus plus plus

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