My Epileptic Child Needs Surgery | Little Miracles | Real Families

This week on Little Miracles: Krysta has a kidney Tumor, Harry has a daycare accident, Sascha has a nose ring mishap and …


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  1. I am an epileptic since birth when i was young like this child I had about 20 seizures a day in my opinion surgery is to risky and can make u worse or just not work that's 1 reason I never got surgery its the easy way out and coward way

  2. I will pray for these families.
    Please pray for me. I’m a single mother with two autistic boys. Struggling to provide for them. Things have been so difficult lately I feel ashamed and alone. We are facing homelessness next month. Because I fell so far behind in rent. Due to my poor health (heart attack) and from declining the vaccine. I have nowhere to turn. I’m still waiting on assistance from the state. I want to give up. Every day is a struggle. I do trust in God. He has provided this far. I know he will make a way. Even though I don’t see a way out. Praise God for he is good!!!!

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