Your Guide for Living Cancer-Free with Gina Serraiocco, M.D.

Cancer is a sensitive topic and there is a lot of confusing information about prevention. We want to empower you with the latest …


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  1. This presentation has changed my life. I’ve listened to it a few times very carefully. I do everything emphasis on everything you advise. It encapsulates and summarizes all my questions on longevity and health. And I notice that you are IF (intermittent fasting). While I can’t do 16 hours off, I am doing 12 hours off. Then I will increase it. I am the one to watch!

    Thank you so much. I will be doing strength and fitness training in the next hour and then walking for an hour so my lymphatic glands can do its job. This all comes down to the greatness of God shown in our bodies. ❤️. I can’t wait for the next presentation. Please hurry 🙂

    I am running with it.

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