Are heavy metals slowing down your metabolism with radical biologist, Zeb Hackett-Reicher

Are heavy metals slowing down your metabolism? What is slowing down your metabolism? Is histamine intolerance a sign of …


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  1. This is off topic but could be another factor in our gut health: Peristalsis. How fast or slow we eliminate. I have always had a sluggish peristalsis. I wonder if it contributes to weight gain or affects the gut health?

  2. Myself with Mast Cell (severe histamine disorder) has severe histamine reactions to all forms of cbd. I've seen a lot of people with histamine intolerance suffer extreme heart palps and air hunger on CBD. He's spot on about the limbic system. I've been doing brain retraining that targets the limbic system and I've seen a huge reduction in my symptoms.

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