WHEEKLY VLOG! 🐽 Morning Routine, Packing Etsy Orders, & My Medical Kit

Enjoy another wheekly vlog! INSTAGRAM: PATREON: …


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  1. You really need to try hypochlorous acid for all skin treatment, wounds, even eyes and ears! I swear by it! One product I use is vetericyn, I buy it in Sweden but think it is imported from the USA.

  2. And also every guinea pigs YouTube i know has a guinea pig named Teddy so I'm like how every time I hear someone say they have a guinea pig named Teddy because I have a guinea pig n aged Teddy when I named Teddy I never knew it was such a common name.

  3. Yeah, unless you have three 3 sting bales of hay that is not even close to 300 pounds of hay. If it was the entire back part of your car would be filled from floor to ceiling. Noticed that you didn't even show yourself getting the hay either. Why lie.

    By the way. I buy hay every month for my horses so I do know exactly what I am talking about!!

  4. Warm greetings!! When will ur Etsy store be open again? I just watched Alyssa’s monthly vid and saw the things u sent her, i want to order from your store SO BAD! ❤️

  5. You inspire me in all you do. You are such a wonderful human being that jumps at the chance to help any piggies in need. Never ever let anyone break down your spirit. I hope you really know how many people love all you do and love all you are. You are one of a kind!

  6. I use paper pellet in all of my hay litter boxes. Do you know if something like the wood pellets for wood burning stoves be ok? I know places like tractor supply sell huge bags.
    I LOVE having the pellets under their hay, but it gets expensive with 7 boxes 😆 Thanks

  7. I really need to start buying hay from a farmer. PetSMart gets crazy expensive when you’re buying so much hay and pellets lol. I only have 5 piggies but I also have 2 Bunnies. So we do go through TONS of Hay. 💃

  8. Yes Ella I would say the same it’s my first time commenting but I have watched you since day one you autumn and Alyssa are a huge inspiration to me I have to pigs called lilo and stitch both girls I rescued them 2 years ago and now they are 4 years old I love your shop x

  9. Please double check the expiration date on your terramycin. It shouldn’t be liquidy. Maybe yours has expired or been exposed to heat or sunlight? Either way, I wouldn’t trust it. If the medication “base” has been compromised I would assume the antibiotic portion has been too & just get a new one. Can’t wait to see “Caught On Camera – Guinea Pig Edition”!

  10. i need to update my medical kit soon.. and btw seems like the hate comments are copy and paste 🤦🏻‍♀️ so i guess who's doing the Copying smh ppl get a life and leave Austin's alone

  11. Hi, I was wondering what you use to clean the coroplast, I'm sure you've said it in a video, but i'm paying extra close attention now that I'm getting my pigs soon. I see natures miracle has a cage cleaner, is that safe?

  12. I would think that the perfect place for the camera is pointed right at Winston’s cage. My piggies hated the horse wormer paste. I bought the Ivermectine from the LAGPR and putting a drop on the ear was so much easier.

  13. I’ve had a sick piggy for the last month who’s been on and off critical care. My vet said it’s meant to be stored in the fridge once the bag is opened to air. I’m Canadian, but Mine looks the same as yours, I’d recommend double checking the instructions just in case. I’d hate for you to lose that whole bag if it’s gone off..😊

  14. What are these strange “ comments” that contain a blue link … are they connected to a porno site? They have no relevance whatsoever to the care of guinea pigs. Can you delete them?

  15. So i just got my first guinea pig since i was 6 to 7 years old whats new tips to bond with it because hes very scared nd shy of me and i dont want it to have anxiety attack or anything

  16. I wanted to order something on your Etsy shop but I realized that the shop just closed today, do you have a planned reopening date? I know it takes a lot of time and effort to make cute accessories for my piggies I was just curious so no rush at all 🥰

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