Human Genome is Fully Sequenced, Elon Buys Twitter, Man Cranks Himself with Both Hands on Plane

4/5/22: The Human Genome has finally been fully sequenced by scientists for the first time, 33 years after the human genome …


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  1. Will i thougjt ude like to know pretty funny actually if your glasses has your screen reflection in them makin im look like.some eyes from the movie cars or some shit 🤣

  2. The part I'm most looking forward to when the Aliens arrive is when they find out about all the movies we made imagining their arrival. Do you think they would be flattered at all? Do Aliens even experience flattery? These are the type of questions the MSM is too scared to tackle

  3. 42:55 This is straight from Stalin's Playbook back when he orchestrated the Holodomor to kill Ukrainians so they can be repopulated by Russians. And Putin did this exact thing 2 decades ago in Chechnya where he obliterates Grozny so that HE can rebuild with Russians to then gain Russian support. And the worst part is it worked thanks to Kadyrov

  4. 37:45 the dichotomy on this issue can be illustrated by Mark and Wes simultaneously saying "it's going to kill us all" and "it's going to create superhumans" in regards to the genome sequencing. It's almost like science and technology is a double-edge sword. But Mark is right, we're just going in the Gattaca direction which is a great movie highly recommend.

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