Proven Food Principles For Helping Prevent And Heal From Cancer

In this interview, Nathan Crane and food expert Ocean Robbins discuss the 3 main causes of cancer and how to avoid them PLUS …


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  1. Every one of the interviewees says the same thing over and over. And they address the audience as if they are dummies. Dont believe me? Listen to some of Crane’s other interviewees. And he PEDDLES this as new information. At this point it is very old.

  2. Incredible as it is your oncologist ( Cancer Doctor) is not properly trained to know where cancer comes from and how a person gets diagnosed with this mostly preventative metabolic condition called cancer. Cancer was far less in years past compared to today with so many unavoidable and yes avoidable elements that will predispose the innate and adaptive immune systems to cancer. Interesting to note that animals in the wild do not get cancer or it is a very rare event. So most all cancers are found in the human population by comparison. Cancer is toxicity in our foods including a lack of nutritional essentials enjoyed by our forefather ancestors whole and intact. But today the industrial food giants are separating the essentials for health and adding chemically processed additives that you can never find in Mother Nature anywhere. For myself I do not eat out I do not order my food and I boycott about 95 percent of what your typical modern food market or food mall is selling today. Cancer is systemic by design and so is nature and so is how the human body works. Organic Food is paramount and so is learning how to grow your own foods organically and how to organically learn how to homestead as we do at our Garden Villa Phuket Wellness Nature Retreat. Real nutrition is in the SOIL integrity and not so much in the plant eaten. And it is a nutritional myth to think that you can wash off any chemicals GMOs from the food. The adulteration is locked into the plant internally and systemically. More on the true cause of cancer notes will be shared later soon. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson PS Lack of Sleep chronically – Lack of D-3 Sunshine – Dehydration chronically including overconsumption of big pharma drugs and alcohol – Unmanaged chronic mental stress – and advanced age and impaired immune systems can open the door to cancer of malignancy. Most people are living with benign cancers all their life without symptoms and it is the immune system that keeps cancer in check. Yes, cook mushrooms are right.

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