How ISIS Makes MillionsFrom Stolen Antiques | The Business of Crime

Antiquity trafficking is big business – a booming global trade that continues to devastate the cultural heritage of countries around …


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  1. Well between the choice of The Taliban destroying the objects or them selling $$ on the black market…. I know what i choose as the better scenario… the fact that these objects have huge $$$ and can be sold illicitly is a positive…. The Taliban can sell them and get the $$$

  2. Off tonic but don’t give a fock: Saying “Blah blah blah is the cradle of civilization” is beyond ignorant and stupid. The Squally-absch only started moving towards what is now WA, their home for the last several thousand years, over 10k years ago at the end of the last ice age.

    Colonizers wanna pretend these 6000 year old settlements are the beginning, when indigenous peoples had complex languages, societies, cultures, cities, and better environmental sciences and practices than anyone else possesses today or has, 20k years ago. Colonizer fools are so wrapped up in the Euro centric fantasies of what urbanism and culture means that they refuse to acknowledge Indigenous America unless they’re stealing our children for pedophilia or to sell our artifacts at auction. Have the day y’all deserve colonizers.

  3. It reminds me to Buddhas of Bamiyan, enormous Buddha statues in Afghanistan that were destroyed by Taliban in early 2001 💔. As an Indonesian, I'm so glad Indonesia as the most populous Muslim in the world, still preserving Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world (although it was bombed by fanatics in 1985 and survived of looting).

  4. I think it’s funny how Govts are getting mad over the “antiquities trade”. But they’re really mad that they aren’t gonna get a slice of that pie or that they didn’t get to it first.

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