Unhelpful Doctor Answers Your DRUG Questions for 55 Straight Minutes – 420k Special

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  2. I grew up in Greece, we did drink since around age 14 but we didn't have more than 1-2 glasses, and no more than once a week. If someone got carried away, the rest of us made sure to stop them before they got drunk. If someone didn't want alcohol, they just got a soft drink and nobody thought less of them. Legal drinking age was 17, but nobody cared 😛

    It's countries with stricter (or more heavily enforced) age restrictions on alcohol that tend to have a binge-drinking culture. It may be a chicken-and-egg problem, but I think it's mostly the allure of the forbidden that leads to exaggeration.

  3. been on opioids for close to a decade…. a buddy of mine was an alcoholic along with me… he'd buy a big bottle of whisky every day, Id buy my morphine, and we'd smoke weed and cigarettes on the apartments balcony, overlooking the city….

    was cool times, now though, my use is stabilized and a bit boring, long quit cigs and weed…. and buddys pancreas gave out, had to go to emergency room and whatever, now cant ever drink again or he'll be dead.

    I quess, opioids are addictive, but for some, like me, they are addictive, but I can manage it fine enough to study, work and live…. while an addiction to alcohol is poisonous, and amphetamines/cocaine can be used, but rather on a low dosage, as they are used therapeutically, so the efects would be rather low, otherwise not enough sleep over a long time can turn into all kinds of unhealthy things and even psychosis….

    so, for an everyday drug, even weed was too "foggy" and memory altering for me, so only caffeine in the mornings and morphine for the night are my poisons.

    for a once-in-a-while use, coke, amphetamines, low doses of opiates, mdma and weed are quite alright, but long term there are few drugs that can be used without some organ failing.

    so, thank god for caffeine I quess. and morphine, although thats a hush-hush.

  4. Barris – as someone who ate a weed brownie after doing a load of cocaine I can confirm that they certainly do not counteract each other :')

  5. Whats the name of that movie again? A beautiful mind. Y r u like this!? I bet you get all the ladies :). Daaaaaaaamn how can someone not agree with what you phrase. Listining to you to make sence is like watching a japanese high speed train passing by an thinking of how can this train be fast an on point every station.

  6. I've had a legitimately traumatic last few days and can't sleep. your voice is really soothing so I'm hoping this video gives me enough psychological relief to fall asleep. thanks for these longer videos.

  7. The number "419" refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud and the charges and penalties for such offenders. The scam has been used with fax and traditional mail and is now prevalent in online communications like emails. I guess the Nigerians are one ahead of the UK?
    I enjoy Prof' David Nutt, particularly as I'm a former drug enforcement bugger. After a year of being that I realised that most of the drug laws against recreational drug use were crap. David says there was a link between anti-Vietnam war protest and cannabis use, and the gummint were bent on punishing "those" people.

  8. So in your medical opinion, what kind of damage do you think was done to Guybrush's shoulder while hanging on to that rope for the entire duration of telling the story of Monkey Island 2? If he took as long to tell the story as I took to finish it the first time, I imagine it's got to cause some kind of damage.

  9. Would you rather eat a meal made with love? Nuance is REAL. different alcohol types have hugely different effects. Some weed makes you stupid and some does not. Also throat massage DOES help with irritations.

  10. Nice questions. Personally, I would like to somehow introduce a third type of olympics. The goal wouldn't be "no doping" but you get disqualified if you don't disclose what kind of doping you do. That way, the teams would be saying "we are doping this person with their own blood concentrate and a mild blood thinner to run this 12k" or "this sprinter got this cocktail of drugs to enhance the reaction speed of their muscles". It might have some positive side effects too as these teams might come up with a solution to a problem that doctors don't know how to treat effectively and with minimal side effects yet.

  11. Do a skill share course on how to read science articles, and easily identify “less valuable” research. I really liked your earlier video on biases, expanding on that would be great.

  12. It happened when my grandfather died. My mother was a nurse, she gave him manual cpr for 40 minutes due to a lost ambulance. He came around for a few seconds and then died. I flagged the ambulance down they came in and took over and then he died on the floor of my parents house.

  13. I live in the US and I have almost always loved tattoos and piercings. At 18 I went in for my 1st tattoo and I already had 10 piercings with all but one in my ears. I have since gotten more of each. I have noticed, and have been told by people who worked or are still working in health care, that people with tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications are treated poorly.
    I was seeing a new doctor when I had an injury to my lumbar spine, due to me trying to be a good person and moving a deer that had been hit from basically being on the highway into the ditch. I didn't want someone to see it and swerve quickly while driving, or have another animal hit. I was just really stupid in the way I moved her, I heard and felt three pops and almost face planted on her. He never ordered any imaging and treated me like crap.
    After 4-5 months I finally saw another GP who actually listened and ordered an MRI. My T3, T4, and T5 were bulging and had been causing pain, problems with my legs, problems trying to sit or stand, along with issues of physically taking care of myself. I was put on meds to get through a lot of physical therapy and thankfully they have now shifted mostly back in place. But with me being on meds for pain in my past, when I get/got injured or have a migraine and when I was having gallbladder attacks, have to go to the emergency room, I get treated like a habitual user and the doctors that have treated me have gone to disgusting lengths to see if I had any illicit drugs in my system. And I don't mind peeing in a cup for them to test, I understand the opiate crisis and understand a doctor making sure they are making the best judgement while covering their ass.
    I know this is very long and brings up more than a few different situations, but do you notice any of that with your colleagues?

  14. 25:00 I was in the similiar situation after a lot of alkohol nd three long lines of cocaine, There is no pain and there is no fear, you are high out of your mind and you try to joke around with ER personel and Police about what is going on as they try to stictch your deep knife cuts. I was scolded by a nursefor using too many profanities, then arrested for property damage and resisting arrest. The ponly fear I experienced was how my girlfriend will react to my crazines, otherwise it was a good but crazy trip.

  15. here's how i see the "should marijuana be reclassified to be regulated more like alcohol" issue from a medical benefit/harm standpoint: which could potentially cause more harm to your health? several months locked in an (essentially) unregulated communal institution with hundreds of other similarly situated people, with no control over even how clean your own body is (nevermind the hygienety of your surroundings)…. or smoking a doob on your couch? which one of those activities, do you think, is more likely to end up making a person catastrophically ill?

    “Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself; and where they are, they should be changed. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana in private for personal use." – Jimmy Carter

  16. Amazing, I have a lot of Nigerians in my life and 419 is slang for scam there. Must be the fact that both countries legal systems were partially inherited from a similar imperial oppressor…hmmm, being Irish I feel that one.

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